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 Medical support for British pilgrims

October 2013

The Council of British Hajjis
British Hajj Delegation, Health, News

A Group of doctors and volunteers will be on hand during the days of Hajj to provide Medical Support and Assistance at their Clinic in the Europa Zone in Mina.

The British Hajj Delegation provides ‘on the ground’ medical advice, support and basic GP treatment and has been functioning for over ten years now.
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"And proclaim among men the pilgrimage: they shall come to you on foot and upon every lean beast; they shall come from every deep ravine." (Quran 22:27)

Every year approximately 25,000 British pilgrims perform Hajj. For many it is a once in a life time journey. There is planning and preparations to be made many months, sometimes years, before final departure. For most people the months of meticulous planning are rewarded by a hassle free Hajj. But even with advanced planning, some individuals do experience problems. The key is to keep these to a minimum so that you are not distracted from performing your obligations in a complete, fulfilling and enjoyable manner. More...





Every year Hajj and Umra pilgrims experience numerous problems relating to their accommodation. Unscrupulous travel agents are known to charge exorbitant prices for rooms that have no relationship to the one that was shown on the fancy website or in the glossy brochure. In order to get a true picture of what you are booking it would be advisable to speak to other pilgrims who have used the hotel or if need be consult your embassy in Saudi Arabia to get a better perspective. More..








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