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Mon 20 November 2017


Muslim Communities in Europe: Britain
‘Muslims in Britain’ is the first in a series of Salaam ‘special reports’ on Muslim communities in Europe. It is a combination of archival material, analysis and comment.

We hope this section of Salaam will be most useful for those at school, whether in Britain or elsewhere in Europe. We hope it will provide Muslims and their non-Muslim friends with interesting facts and discussion points, as well as serve as a learning resources centre for school projects and other assignments....

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The Secret State January 2003
In the aftermath of September 11, numerous persons, mostly Muslim, have been detained and held without charge or trial in Britain. Too often, it is later uncovered that this was based on evidence that would not stand up before a court of law. These practices must come under the public spotlight and citizens alerted to miscarriages of justice. Citizens seek a secure state – not a security state....
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Hajj December 2002
Three months after Ramadan comes the season of the great Pilgrimage to Makkah (Hajj), the birthplace of Islam, where an ever-increasing number of men and women converge each year, from every possible corner of the earth...
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Islamic Finance November 2002
Islamic finance has come a long way since its active re-introduction about 25 years ago. Presently, it is estimated that Islamic banks and financial institutions manage some US$200 billion of funds all over the world. Although small in terms of the total global assets managed by financial intermediaries, the growth rate is impressive by any standards...
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Aids in Africa October 2002
The scale of the AIDS crisis now outstrips even the worst-case scenarios of a decade ago. Dozens of countries are already in the grip of serious HIV/AIDS epidemics, and many more are on the brink. Africa,in particular has been worst hit with some 6,000 deaths every day due to AIDS...
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Energy September 2002
Contemporary life has come to depend critically on availability of energy. For many purposes the source of energy is substitutable - thus, for example, power from oil, gas, coal, hydroelectric stations, nuclear fusion or wind turbines is equally suitable for meeting the needs of households.....
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Asylum August 2002
Public opinion on asylum seekers in Britain has been shaped by the worst possible images: of young men, with their faces masked, breaking out of the French asylum centre at Sangatte, risking life and limb to make their way through the Channel Tunnel......
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Central Asia July 2002
Central Asia that obscure region somewhere beneath Russia, little understood, almost ignored in recent times has suddenly been catapulted back into the lime light in the wake of recent events in Afghanistan.
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Conversion: Islam the Growing Religion June 2002
The definitive attribute of man is his ability to forget. The very word used in the Quran for "man," insan, is related etymologically to the word nisyan, or forgetfulness.
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Palestine May 2002
The Palestinian conflict is the single issue that has generated the largest number of resolutions in the United Nations
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Muslims in the West April 2002
As the twenty-first century begins, almost one out of every five human beings is a Muslim. In the course of the 21st century a quarter of the human race will probably be Muslim.
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Islamic Art March 2002
The art of Islam is essentially a contemplative art, which aims to express above all an encounter with the Divine Presence.
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Prophethood Feb 2002
Prophets were sent to both mankind and jinn in order to preach the oneness of God and teach through personal example. Learn about the resolute prophets, the prophets of Bani Israel and
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IRAQ Jan 2002
Learn about the history, economy, and culture of Iraq. What the sanctions applied to Iraq are, and why Iraq is a country of rich religious heritage...

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Afghanistan Dec 2001
Read about the History of Afghanistan, the different leaders, culture of the country,

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Oceanography Nov 2001
Learn about Muslim navigators, plate tectonics and careers in oceanography. A very colorful section, where you can discover all the wonders of the abyss of the oceans, the coral reef, the different species of fish...
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Astronomy Oct 2001
Learn about the Muslim discoveries in Astronomy, how the universe expanded and what the Holy Book says about it, what are the latest space news...
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Climate Change Sep 2001
The earth’s climate is predicted to change because of human activities. The global warming is expected to have serious consequences for the availability of freshwater in Muslim countries...

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