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Tue 16 January 2018

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Percentage of Muslims with Long Term Illness Compared With Rest Of UK

There is a surprisingly high number of young Muslim persons suffering from long term illness. At the other end of the spectrum there are surprisingly few elderly Muslims suffering from long term illnesses.

Muslim Qualification Level Copmpared With Rest of UK
•NQ: Not Qualified
•Level 1: GCSEs Any Level
•Level 2: 5 GCSEs grade A-C
•Level 3: 2 A levels and 4 AS Levels
•Level 4/5: HND or Degree
•Other: Other qualification

Here we have some surprising results with Muslims bing above the average in higher education and also above the average without qualifications. This seems to reinforce the what the other statistics show, that of Muslims being in menial labour or in high positions.

Muslim Employment Level Compared With Rest of UK
•NC: Not Classifiable
•Level 1: High managerial and professional occupations
•Level 2: Lower managerial and professional occupations
•Level 3: Intermediate occupation
•Level 4: Small employers and own account workers
•Level 5: Lower supervisory and technical occupations
•Level 6: Semi-routine occupations
•Level 7: Routine occupations
•Level 8: Never worked and long term unempoloyed

Level 8 shows that muslims have a very high level of unemployment compared to the rest of the country. Almost 25% of the Muslim population seems to be unemployed.

Lone Parent Breakdown
Here we have a surprisingly high number of muslim lone parents, this may be due to the way thew statistics are recorded as even if a child under 16 is not a blood relative of the person he/she is living with their guardian is recorded as being a lone parent.




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