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Mon 11 December 2017

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DEMOGRAPHICS / CHARTS - Census 2001 Data

British Muslims - ethnic categories
Total Muslim population 1.6 million

69% of UK Muslims are from the Indian Sub-continent. There are also significant numbers from other parts of the world (31%). The Census ethnic category 'Black' (6%) applies to 'Black Caribbean, Black African, Other Black'. A breakdown of the 'Other' category (21%) is indicated in the table below - this will include Muslims of Arab, Turkish and Persian ethnicity:

Census Ethnic Groups Population (England & Wales)
Irish & Other White 116, 770 (7.55%)
Mixed - White/Asian 30,468 (1.97%)
Mixed - rest 33,716 (2.18%)
Other Asian (e.g. East African) 70,526 (5.82)

Chinese or other ethnic group

57,225 (3.70%)

Muslims in London- Ethnic categories
Muslim population 607,000

The Muslim population of London is different from the national picture. There is almost an even split between Muslims from the Indian Sub-continent (Pakistan, Bangladesh, India) and those from elsewhere. Most of the Muslims in the 'Irish & Other White' category live in London - 83,402 out of 116,770. A detailed breakdown of the 'Other' category (30%) for London is indicted below:

Census Ethnic Group Population (London)
Irish & Other White 83,402 (14%)
Mixed - White/Asian 11,258 (2%)
Mixed - rest 17,052 (3%)
Other Asian (e.g.East African) 39,231 (6%)
Chinese or other ethnic group 29,071 (5%)

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