Zahida Manzoor CBE
Legal Services Ombudsman for England and Wales

The married mother of two, Zahida Manzoor, was born in Ralwindi Pakistan and moved to West Yorkshire when she was three years old. The eldest of five children, her father taught her that education was the key to success.

Ms Manzoor, described by a number of her colleagues as a 'wonder woman', has a real ‘can-do’ philosophy and has never been afraid to try new challenges.

She has served on both the NHS Policy Board and the Commission for Racial Equality, holding the position of Deputy Chairman from 1995 to 1998. She has also chaired Bradford Health Authority and the NHS's Northern and Yorkshire regional executive. In 1992 she was recognised as Yorkshire Asian Business Personality of the Year and in 1999 she was voted National Asian Woman of the Year. She was also honoured with the CBE in 1998 in the Queens Birthday Honours List for service to Race Relations and the Health Service. Zahida also spearheaded the ‘Visible Women Campaign’ which was close to her heart as it tackled the double discrimination of being both black, and a woman in the jobs market.

The list of her involvement is extensive:
• Programme Director of the Common Purpose Educational Trust
• Member of the Board of Governors of Sheffield Hallam University
• Trustee of the West Yorkshire Police Community Trust
• Trustee on the Board of the NSPCC
Zahida is also co-founder of Intellisys Limited, an information technology and management consultancy.

In 2003 the Lord Chancellor, Lord Irvine, appointed Ms Manzoor as the
chief public watchdog on the standards of handling complaints by the
legal professions. Ms Manzoor took over as the Legal Services
Ombudsman for England and Wales on 3 March 2003.

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