The East London Mosque & The London Muslim Centre

The East London Mosque (ELM), one of the UK's oldest mosques, has been at the forefront of community involvement, contributing to the cultural, social, and economic development of the area. More recently, the ELM has pioneered the innovative community development project, the London Muslim Centre (LMC) which aims to provide 'a holistic and culturally sensitive service to the community within a positive Islamic environment.' The Centre aims to offer a wide range of Community and Youth Provisions, Social Welfare, Culture & Heritage, Educational facilities and facilities promoting greater interaction between Muslims and non-Muslims.



The Islamic Foundation

The Islamic Foundation is a unique institution for education, research, publications and training representing the Islamic response to the intellectual challenge of our times. Established in 1973 and located in Markfield, Leicester (UK), the Islamic Foundation seeks to present and make Islam as a living reality in the West



The Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre Trust (MCHC) aims to provide a wide range of social, educational, training, cultural and religious facilities to people in North Kensington, London & the surrounding areas. The services provided range from counselling and advocacy on youth and health issues to men and women over the age of 55, to reference libraries, supplementary schools,


The Muslim Cultutral Heritage Center aims to involve women and men over 55 years of age, by offering them counselling and advocacy in relation to youth work, and offering information on health issues. The culture and heritage of the Muslims is to be retained and enhanced through reference libraries, supplementary schools, conference and multi-purpose halls, in addition to landscape garden areas.
The Centre will also offer the community career guidance, information technology and computer training facilities, help for children through the homework club which is already established, as well as crèche facilities. The “greatest contribution to the project came from UAE. and Morocco.



The Muslim News provides objective news and views of Muslims in the United Kingdom. It is the only independent monthly Muslim newspaper in the UK - it is neither backed by any country nor by any organisation or party. It is financed by subscriptions, advertising and British Muslim businessmen. The Muslim News is well-known for its objectivity and authenticity of its news. Because it is independent, non-biased, objective, non-sectarian, The Muslim News is the most consulted paper in the UK on Muslim domestic and international issues by various media, institutions and researchers - both Muslim and non-Muslim. The Muslim News reports on what the mainstream media refuses to report. It is pro-active unlike most Muslim papers which react to the news and propagate establishment news and views. The Muslim News, in its ten years of publication, has exposed the media's anti-Muslim stance and Islamophobia on various issues - political (both domestic and international), education, employment and religion.




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