British Muslims: Loyalty and Belonging
British Muslims and State Policies
Caring for Muslim Patients
Ethnic Minorities in Britain: Diversity & Disadvantage
Fair Justice: The Bradford Disturbances, the Sentencing and the Impact
Islam in Britain: 1558 - 1685
Monitoring Minority Protection in the EU: The Situation of Muslims in the UK
Moral Spotlight on Bradford
The New Scots: The Story of Asians in Scotland
Religious discrimination in England and Wales
Tackling religious discrimination


British Muslims
Loyalty and Belonging

Authors: Mohammad S Seddon, Dilwar Hussain & Nadeem Malik
Publishers: The Islamic Foundation and The Citizen Organisation Foundation; ISBN: 0860373088
Date of Publication: April 2003

This publication addresses a number of pertinent issues relating to the current status of British Muslims who are under increasing public scrutiny in expressed terms of their allegiances and loyalties. It aproaches the notions of loyalty and belonging from two perspectives; the traditional Islamc view from the Shariah and a contemporary perspective bearing in mind the sociological, political and legal dimensions of the discussion.

British Muslims and State Policies

Authors: Muhammad Anwar, Qadir Bakhsh
Publisher: The Centre for Research in Ethnic Relations
ISBN: 0948303999
Date of Publication: 2003

This publication outlines some of the disadvantges, discrimination and other issues faced by British Muslims before and after the events of 9/11. It includes an examination of the current policy and practice of central and local government and other organisations towards Muslims and also suggests recommendations in order to tackle the issues Muslims face.

Caring for Muslim Patients

Authors: Aziz Sheikh, Abdul Rashid Gatrad
Publisher: Radcliffe Medical Press
ISBN: 1857753720
Date of Publication: April 2000

This work covers the practical and ethical issues surrounding Muslim patients. It includes an overview of the Islamic world and explores the concept of health and disease within this paradigm. The book also gives practial advice to provide care in a culturally appropriate manner and outlines Muslim practices and customs that are of relevance to health and healthcare.

Ethnic Minorities in Britain
Diversity & Disadvantage

Authors: Tariq Modood, Richard Berthoud et al.
Publisher: Policy Studies Institute
ISBN: 1853836702; Date of Publication: 1997

This is the fourth in a series of major studies by the Policy Studies Institute which have charted the experiences of ethnic minorities in Britain since the 1960s. It reports on changes in such key fields as family and household structures, education, qualifications and language, employment patterns, income and standards of living, neighbourhoods and housing. And it introduces important new topics which have not been examined thoroughly in the past, including health and health services, racial harassment and cultural identity.

Fair Justice
The Bradford Disturbances, the Sentencing and the Impact

Author: Christopher Allen; Publisher: FAIR
ISBN: 11904648002; Date of Publication: 2003

Published by the Forum Against Islamaphobia and Racism (FAIR), this report looks at the sentencing of young Muslim men incriminated in the July 2001 Oldham and Bradford troubles, which are serving as a further cause for alienation and disenchantment. The comparison is made with similar offences in Northern Ireland, and in the Brixton Riots, which prompted far milder punitive measures. The report focuses on aspects of Islamophobia in the criminal justice system and the political motivation behind the sentencing.

Islam in Britain 1558 - 1685

Author: Nabil Matar; Publisher: Cambrdge University Press
ISBN: 0521622336; Date of Publication: October 1998

This book examines the impact of Islam on early modern Britain. Christian-Muslim interaction at this time was not, as is often thought, primarily adversarial; rather, there was extensive cultural, intellectual and missionary engagement with Islam. The author documents conversion both to and from Islam, and surveys reactions to these conversions. He investigates the impact of the Qur'an and sufism, not to mention coffee, on British culture, and cites extensive interaction of Britons with Islam through travel, in London coffee houses, in church, among converts to and from Islam, in sermons and in plays.


Monitoring Minority Protection in the EU
The Situation of Muslims in the UK

Author: Tufyal Ahmed Choudhury
Publisher: Open Society Institute, Budapest
Date of Publication: September 2002

The EU Accession Monitoring Program (EUMAP) is a program of the Open Society Institute that is monitoring human rights and the rule of law in ten Central-Eastern European and the five largest EU countries. Its monitoring reports focus on minority protection, judicial capacity, and corruption and anti-corruption policy. This report focuses on the situation of Muslims in the UK.

Moral Spotlight on Bradford

Author: Mohammed Siddique
Publisher: M.S. Press
ISBN: 0952040409
Date of Publication: March 1993

Although this is a study of one city on the north of England, it has implications for most other cities in Britain, whether they have large Muslim communities or not. This thoughtful and considered study looks at Bradford from a moral and religious point of view and should be required reading for students studying modern British society. local authorities, religous leaders and community leaders up and down the country.


The New Scots
The Story of Asians in Scotland

Authors: Bashir Maan
Publisher: John Donald Publishers Ltd
ISBN: 0859763579
Date of Publication: 1992

This book explores the social history of Asians in Scotland during the past century, based on research and the author's own experience as an immigrant and his work in community and race relations in Glasgow. It includes a survey of the current constitition of Asian and other ethnic minorities in Scotland, including their religions, cultures and customs.

Religious discrimination in England and Wales

Authors: Paul Weller, Alice Feldman and Kingsley Purdam
Publisher: Home Office Research Studies
ISBN: 1840826126; Date of Publication: February 2001

This report aims to assess the evidence of religious discrimination within England and Wales, both actual and perceived, and to describe the resutling patterns, including: - its overall scale - the main victims - the main perpetrators - the main ways in which the discrimination manifests. It aims to indicate the extent to which religious discrimination overlaps with racial discrimination and to identify the broad range of policy options available for dealing with religious discrimination.

Tackling religious discrimination
pratical implications for policy-makers and legislators

Authors: Bob Hepple and Tufayl Choudhury
Publisher: Home Office Research Studies
ISBN: 1840826134
Date of Publication: February 2001

This paper aims to identify and examine the main options available to policy makers and legislators for tackling religious discrimination in Great Britain. The focus is on employment and the provision of goods, facilities and services, including education.



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