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Sat 18 November 2017

The rationale for Islamic Finance
Islamic Finance
in the UK
Ethical Investments and Islamic Finance
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  • The Institute of Islamic Banking & Insurance (IIBI)
    With its emphasis on research and policy issues the Institute of Islamic Banking and Insurance is one of the world's leading independent academic and research organisations solely dedicated to the promotion and implementation of Islamic finance.
  • Harvard Islamic Finance Information Program (HIFIP)
    The HIFIP aims to act as a clearinghouse of information on Islamic banking and finance and seeks to foster an increased awareness and understanding of Islamic banking and finance within Islamic society as well as between the Islamic and non-Islamic worlds.

  • The Accounting & Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI)
    AAOIFI is an Islamic international autonomous non-profit making corporate body that prepares accounting, auditing, governance, ethics and Shari'a standards for Islamic financial institutions.
  • The Islamic Foundation
    The Islamic Foundation based in the UK is a good source of information, materials and books.
  • American Finance House LARIBA
    LARIBA, the acronym for " Los Angeles Reliable Investment Bankers Associates" promotes the LARIBA (i.e. no riba or interest) system of banking as the true expression of "halal" Banking and Financing. This site is very useful for day-to-day economic issues.
  • Islamic Business & Finance Network (IBF Net)
    IBF Net is a global network of students, researchers, bankers and finance professionals all interested in Islamic banking, business and finance.
  • FTSE Global Islamic Index Series (GIIS)
    The FTSE Global Islamic Index Series are equity benchmark indices targeted at those who wish to invest according to Islamic investment guidelines.
  • The Islamic Financial Services Board (IFSB)
    The Islamic Financial Services Board is an association of central banks and monetary authorities, and other institutions responsible for the regulation and supervision of the Islamic financial services industry
  • The Islamic Banking Network
    Advocate socially responsible investing, purporting an alternative Banking, Financing and Investing Economic System for all people of all faiths.
  • Yasaar Ltd

  • Yasaar Limited, a UK-incorporated company, aims to provide pre-eminent independent Shariah financial solutions to the global Islamic banking and finance industry.




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