"The crisis in Israeli-Palestinian relations that began on 28 September 2000 has been characterized by an unprecedented level of confrontation and by the most severe movement restrictions ever imposed on the Occupied Palestinian Territory by Israeli authorities. Between the end of September 2000 and the beginning of July 2001, over 650 people have been killed - the vast majority of them Palestinian - thousands have been injured, and significant damage has been done to Palestinian infrastructure, buildings, agricultural lands and property. Mobility of people and goods in and out of the West Bank and Gaza as well as within the West Bank and Gaza, has been tightly restricted. The resulting combination of confrontation and impediments to mobility has also produced an atmosphere of profound political uncertainty negatively affecting all dimensions of Palestinian social and economic life." Impact on the Palestinian Economy of Confrontation, Border Closures and Mobility Restriction - 1 October 2000 to 30 June 2001, Office of the United Nations Special Co-ordinator ("UNSCO").