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Ali Tabrizi

calligrapher Hamid Aytaç

calligrapher Yaqut El-Mustasimi.


Ibn El-Bawwab,Calligrapher Abu'l-Hasan Alauddin Ali B. Hilal was known as Ibn El-Bawwab or Ibn El-Setri, because his father was the gate-keeper of the palace during the Buwayhid period in Baghdad. He tried his hand at a variety of jobs ranging from engraving to gilding, and later held the position of director at Bahau'd-Dawlah's (the Buwayhid ruler) library in Shiraz. He learned the art of calligraphy from Muhammed b. Asad and Muhammed b. El-Simsimani in his native city of Baghdad and developed his style by studying Ibn Muqlah's works. Ibn El-Bawwab was an expert in Islamic law and knew the Quran by heart. He was also a writer and poet. His poem about calligraphy titled "Qasidah Raiyyah" is very famous. He died in 413 H. in Baghdad and was buried near the tomb of Imam Ahmad b. Hanbal.