"Now I shall go far and far into the North, playing the Great Game..."

Rudyard Kipling, Kim, 1901

The Great Game

Historically, the phrase Great Game has been borrowed from Rudyard Kipling as a description of the rivalry between Tsarist Russia, Victorian England and the Ottoman Empire in Central Asia for control of trade routes to India in the 19th century. Today the sun has set on the British Empire and the United States has replaced it in the game, where global and regional powers are at odds with each other over control of the Caucasus and Central Asia. Tales of infiltrators, spies, puppet kings, mysterious terrorists with single names, bloody battles and endless riches continue to lure oilmen and their companies, who come in droves to find new ways to extract the natural resources of the region with their new tools and technologies.

The essence of The Great Game lives on.

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