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Mon 20 November 2017

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11 February 2003


The 19-page report 'Iraq: Its Infrastructure of Concealment, Deception and Intimidation' issued on 3 February 2003 by a unit within Downing Street, the Coalition Information Centre, has emerged as a source of embarrassment for Mr Blair. Downing Street had claimed that the report was drawn from a number of sources, "including intelligence material".

Ten of the nineteen pages were written by a US-based doctoral student, Ibrahim al-Marashi in the early 1990s and published in 'The Middle East Review of International Affairs'. This was taken without the author's knowledge or permission. The plagiarism was identified by Glen Rangwala, a lecturer in Politics at Cambridge University, who added, "It really does cast doubt on the credibility of the intelligence that has been put to us."

In addition to Dr Al-Marashi's work, the dossier included material from the defence journal Jane's Intelligence Review, written by Ken Gause, an international security analyst, and Sean Boyne.

The Guardian has noted that "Even before the latest row some Whitehall officials were protesting that MI6 and other intelligence material was being used selectively by Downing Street" (8 February).,3604,891562,00.html


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