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Thu 14 December 2017

1350 Killed | 5455 injured

(of whom 412 Kids have been killed)
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Update:10 Feb 2010


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Israeli warplanes target Gaza airport

Wed, 10 Feb 2010 07:03:29 GMT:

Israeli warplanes have launched an overnight attack on the southern Gaza Strip, pounding an international airport in the Hamas-run Palestinian territory.... Read more

Wed, 10 Feb 2010: Israel: Karni crossing to remain shut till Hamas rules

Wed, 10 Feb 2010: Israel plans to raze 200 homes in Jerusalem Al-Quds

Wed, 10 Feb 2010: 'US undermining Palestinian reconciliation efforts'


UN Inquiry Finds Israel "Punished and Terrorized" Palestinian Civilians, Committed War Crimes During Gaza Assault

Part 1:

Part 2:
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Timeline of the Crisis the UK perspective

Friday 16th January, London: Over 300 British academics are signatories to a statement "There is nothing symmetrical about this war in terms of principles, tactics or consequences. Israel is responsible for launching and intensifying it, and for ending the most recent lull in hostilities. Israel must lose. It is not enough to call for another ceasefire, or more humanitarian assistance. It is not enough to urge the renewal of dialogue and to acknowledge the concerns and suffering of both sides.... We believe Israel should immediately and unconditionally end its assault on Gaza, end the occupation of the West Bank, and abandon all claims to possess or control territory beyond its 1967 borders. We call on the British government and the British people to take all feasible steps to oblige Israel to comply with these demands, starting with a programme of boycott, divestment and sanctions." Signatories are:

Professor Gilbert Achcar, Development Studies, SOAS;
Arshin Adib-Moghaddam, Politics and International Studies, SOAS
Dr. Nadje Al-Ali, Gender Studies, SOAS;
Professor Eric Alliez, Philosophy, Middlesex University;
Dr. Jens Andermann, Latin American Studies, Birkbeck;
Dr. Jorella Andrews, Visual Cultures, Goldsmiths;
Professor Keith Ansell-Pearson, Philosophy, University of Warwick;
John Appleby, writer;
Dr. Claudia Aradau, Politics, Open University;
Dr. Walter Armbrust, Politics, University of Oxford;
Dr. Andrew Asibong, French, Birkbeck;
Professor Derek Attridge, English, University of York;
Burjor Avari, lecturer in Multicultural Studies, Manchester Metropolitan University;
Dr. Zulkuf Aydin, International Development, University of Leeds;
Dr. Claude Baesens, Mathematics, University of Warwick;
Dr. Jennifer Bajorek, Cultural Studies, Goldsmiths;
Professor Mona Baker, Centre for Translation Studies, University of Manchester;
Jon Baldwin, lecturer in Communications, London Metropolitan University;
Professor Etienne Balibar, Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities;
Dr. Trevor Bark, Criminology, WEA Newcastle;
Dr. Susan Batchelor, Sociology, Glasgow University;
Dr. David Bell, Tavistock Clinic and British Psychoanalytic Society;
Dr. Anna Bernard, English, University of York;
Professor Henry Bernstein, Development Studies, SOAS;
Anindya Bhattacharyya, writer and journalist;
Dr. Ian Biddle, Music, Newcastle University;
Sana Bilgrami, filmmaker and lecturer, Napier University, Edinburgh;
Professor Jon Bird, School of Arts & Education, Middlesex University;
Nicholas Blincoe, writer;
Dr. Jelke Boesten, Development Studies, University of Leeds;
Dr. Julia Borossa, Psychoanalysis, Middlesex University;
Dr. Mark Bould, Film Studies, UWE;
Dr. Mehdi Boussebaa, Said Business School, University of Oxford;
Professor Wissam Boustany, Trinity College of Music, London; Professor Bill Bowring, Law, Birkbeck;
Dr. Alia Brahimi, Politics, University of Oxford;
Professor Haim Bresheeth, Media Studies, University of East London;
Professor John D Brewer, Sociology, Aberdeen;
Victoria Brittain, writer and journalist;
Professor Celia Britton, French, UCL;
Professor Charles Brook, Paediatric Endocrinology, UCL;
Dr. Muriel Brown, writer;
Professor Ian Buchanan, Critical and Cultural Theory, University of Cardiff;
Professor Ray Bush, African Studies and Development Politics, University of Leeds;
Professor Alex Callinicos, European Studies, KCL;
Dr. Conor Carville, Irish Studies, St. Mary's University College;
Professor Noel Castree, Geography, University of Manchester;
Matthew Caygill, lecturer in History and Politics, Leeds Metropolitan University;
Dr. Rinella Cere, Arts, Design, Communication and Media, Sheffield Hallam University;
Dr. John Chalcraft, Government, LSE;
Dr. Claire Chambers, English Literature, Leeds Metropolitan University;
Dr. Sue Chaplin, Cultural Studies, Leeds Metropolitan University;
Dr. Sharad Chari, Geography, LSE;
Dr. Lorenzo Chiesa, Critical Theory, University of Kent;
Dr. Andrew Chitty, Philosophy, University of Sussex;
Professor Emilios Christodoulidis, Law, Glasgow;
Professor Sue Clegg, Education, Leeds Metropolitan University;
Professor Claire Colebrook, English Literature, Edinburgh University;
Dr. John Collins, Philosophy, UEA;
Professor Guy Cook, Education and Language Studies, The Open University;
Professor Diana Coole, Politics and Sociology, Birkbeck;
Professor Annie E. Coombes, History of Art, Birkbeck;
Charlie Cooper, lecturer in Social Policy, University of Hull;
Julia Copus, poet;
Professor Andrea Cornwall, Institute of Development Studies, Sussex;
Dr. Don Crewe, Criminology, Roehampton University;
Professor Simon Critchley, Philosophy, University of Essex;
Dr. Stephanie Cronin, Social Sciences, University of Northampton;
Eleanor Crook, sculptor & lecturer, University of the Arts London;
Laura Cull, artist and researcher, Drama, University of Exeter;
Dr. Sonia Cunico, Modern Languages, University of Leicester;
Dr. David Cunningham, English, University of Westminster
Catherine Czerkawska, writer and historian;
Dr. Sarah Dadswell, Drama, University of Exeter;
Dr. Gareth Dale, Politics and History, Brunel University;
Dr. Gary Daniels, Public Policy and Management, Keele University;
Neil Davidson, Senior Research Fellow, Geography and Sociology, University of Strathclyde;
Dr. Graham Dawson, Cultural History, University of Brighton;
Christophe Declercq, lecturer in Translation, Imperial College London;
Dr. Helen May Dennis, English and Comparative Literary Studies, University of Warwick;
Dr. Caitlin DeSilvey, Geography, University of Exeter;
Dr. Mark Devenney, Humanities, University of Brighton;
Dr. Pat Devine, Social Science, University of Manchester;
Dr. Jorge D?az-Cintas, Translation, Imperial College London;
Professor James Dickins, Arabic, University of Salford;
Kay Dickinson, Media and Communications, Goldsmiths College;
Jenny Diski, writer;
Dr. Bill Dixon, Sociology & Criminology, Keele University;
Noel Douglas, lecturer and graphic designer, University of Bedfordshire;
Professor Sionaidh Douglas-Scott, Law, University of Oxford;
Professor Allison Drew, Department of Politics, University of York;
Dr. Judit Druks, Psychology & Language Science, UCL;
Professor Mick Dunford, Geography, University of Sussex;
Dr. Sam Durrant, English, Leeds University;
Dr. Graham Dyer, Economics, SOAS
Professor Abbas Edalat, Computer Science, Imperial College;
Professor Rasheed El-Enany, Arab and Islamic Studies, University of Exeter;
Gregory Elliott, writer and translator;
Dr. Richard Elliott, Music, Newcastle University;
Professor Hoda Elsadda, Arabic Studies, University of Manchester;
Bernardine Evaristo, writer;
Dr. Howard Feather, Sociology, London Metrolitan University;
Professor Patrick ffrench, French, King's College London;
Dr. Clare Finburgh, Theatre Studies, University of Essex;
Professor Jean Fisher, Fine Art, Middlesex University;
Dominic Fox, writer;
Dr. Jennifer Fraser, Spanish, Birkbeck;
Professor Murray Fraser, Architecture, University of Westminster;
Dr. Des Freedman, Media and Communications, Goldsmiths;
Maureen Freely, writer and journalist, English, University of Warwick;
Dr. Diane Frost, Sociology, University of Liverpool;
Dr. Geetanjali Gangoli, School for Policy Studies, University of Bristol;
Juliet Gardiner, writer;
Dr. James Garvey, philosopher;
Professor Conor Gearty, Centre for the Study of Human Rights, LSE;
Dr. Julie Gervais, Government, LSE;
Dr. Jeremy Gilbert, Cultural Studies, University of East London;
Dr. Aisha Gill, Criminologist, Roehampton University, UK;
Professor Paul Gilroy, Sociology, London School of Economics;
Charles Glass, writer;
Dr. Andrew Goffey, Media, Middlesex;
Professor Barry Goldson, Sociology and Social Policy, University of Liverpool;
Professor Philip Goodchild, Theology and Religious Studies, University of Nottingham;
Dr. Paul Goodey, lecturer and oboist;
Professor Ian Gough, Social Policy, University of Bath;
Dr. David Graeber, Anthropology, Goldsmiths;
Dr. James Graham, Media Culture and Communication, Middlesex University;
Professor Penny Green, Law, Kings College London;
Dr. Simon Gieve, Education, University of Leicester;
Dr. Steve Hall, Sociology and Criminology, Northumbria;
Professor Peter Hallward, Philosophy, Middlesex University;
Keith Hammond, lecturer in Education, University of Glasgow;
Dr. Sameh F. Hanna, Translation Studies, University of Salford;
Nicky Harman, lecturer in Translation, Imperial College London;
M John Harrison, writer;
Dr. Rumy Hasan, Science & Technology Policy Research, University of Sussex;
Owen Hatherley, journalist and academic;
Dr. Jane Haynes, writer & dialogic psychotherapist;
Dr. Jonathan Hensher, French Studies, University of Manchester;
Dr. Barry Heselwood, Linguistics & Phonetics, University of Leeds;
Tom Hickey, Tutor in Philosophy, Politics and Aesthetics, University of Brighton;
Dr. Jane Hiddleston, Modern Languages, University of Oxford;
Dr. Nicki Hitchcott, French and Francophone Studies, University of Nottingham;
Professor Eric Hobsbawm, President, Birkbeck;
Dr. Jane Holgate, Working Lives Research Institute, London Metropolitan University;
Professor Derek Holt, Mathematics, University of Warwick;
Professor Ted Honderich, Philosophy, UCL;
Professor David Howell, Politics, University of York;
Professor Richard Hudson, Linguistics, UCL;
Professor John Hutnyk, Centre for Cultural Studies, Goldsmiths;
Dr. Colin Imber, Turkish, University of Manchester;
Professor Lyn Innes (emeritus), English, University of Kent;
Professor Yosefa Loshitzky, Film, Media and Cultural Studies, University of East London;
Dr. Lars Iyer, Philosophy, Newcastle University;
Dr. Ian James, French, University of Cambridge;
Dr. Daniel Katz, English and Comparative Literary Studies, University of Warwick;
Dr. Mark Kelly, Philosophy, Middlesex University;
Joanna Gilmore, lecturer in the School of Law, University of Manchester;
Susan Kelly, lecturer in Fine Art, Goldsmiths;
Dr. Christian Kerslake, Philosophy, Middlesex University;
Dr. Alexander King, Anthropology, University of Aberdeen;
David Kinloch, poet;
Dr. Dianne Kirby, History and International Affairs, University of Ulster;
Dr. Graeme Kirkpatrick, Sociology, University of Manchester;
Dr. Laleh Khalili, Politics and International Studies, SOAS;
Dr. Stathis Kouvelakis, European Studies, KCL;
Professor Basil Kouvaritakis, Engineering Science, University of Oxford;
Dr. John Kraniauskas, Spanish, Birkbeck;
Dr. Cecile Laborde, Political Science, UCL;
Professor Ernesto Laclau, Government, Essex;
Dave Laing, writer and journalist;
Dr. Juan Antonio Lalaguna, Humanities, Imperial College London;
Professor William Large, Philosophy, University College Plymouth, St Mark and St John;
Nicholas Lawrence, lecturer in English & Comparative Literary Studies, University of Warwick;
Professor Andrew Leak, French, UCL;
Dr. Barbara Lebrun, French, University of Manchester;
Dr. Keekok Lee, Philosophy, University of Manchester;
Professor Esther Leslie, English and Humanities, Birkbeck;
Dr. Jo Littler, Media and Cultural Studies, Middlesex University;
Tim Llewellyn, journalist and writer;
Dr. Caroline Lloyd, Social Sciences, Cardiff University;
Dr. Jill Lovecy, Politics, University of Manchester;
Simon Lynn, lecturer in Social Work, UEL;
David Mabb, artist and Reader in Art, Goldsmiths;
Dr. Stephen Maddison, Cultural Studies, University of East London;
Dr. Kevin Magill, Arts and Humanities, University of Wolverhampton;
Michael Mahadeo, lecturer in Health and Social Sciences, University of Ulster;
Dr. Suhail Malik, Art, Goldsmiths;
Dr. Johanna Malt, French, KCL;
Dr. Matteo Mandarini, Business and Management, QMUL;
Professor Susan Marks, Law, KCL;
Dr. Lee Marsden, International Relations, University of East Anglia;
Professor Lauro Martines, historian;
Dr. Luciana Martins, Spanish, Birkbeck College;
Dr. Nur Masalha, Religion and Politics, St Mary's University College;
Dr. Dina Matar, Centre for Media and Film Studies, SOAS;
Dr. Graeme Macdonald, English, University of Warwick;
Professor (emeritus) Mosh? Machover, Philosophy, KCL;
Dr. Maeve McCusker, French Studies, Queen's University Belfast;
Dr. James McDougall, History, SOAS;
Dr. Sonia McKay, Working Lives Research Institute, London Metropolitan University;
Dr. Susan McManus, Politics, Queen's University Belfast;
Dr. Saladin Meckled-Garcia, Human Rights Studies, UCL;
Professor Susan Melrose, Performing Arts, Middlesex University;
Dr. Farah Mendlesohn, Media and Creative Writing, Middlesex University;
Dr. Mahmood Messkoub, Business, University of Leeds;
Dr. China Mi?ville, writer and academic;
Dr. Anna-Louise Milne, French, University of London Institute in Paris;
Dr. Surya Monro, Politics, University of Sheffield;
John Moore, lecturer in Sociology & Criminology, University of the West of England;
Professor Bart Moore-Gilbert, English and Comparative Literature, Goldsmiths;
Dr Farhang Morady, Globalisation and Development, University of Westminster;
Dr. Stephen Morton, English, Southampton University;
Dr. Pablo Mukherjee, English and Comparative Literature, University of Warwick;
Professor John Mullarkey, Philosophy, University of Dundee;
Professor John Muncie, Criminology, The Open University;
Professor Martha Mundy, Anthropology, LSE;
Dr. Alex Murray, English, University of Exeter;
Dr. Karma Nabulsi, Politics, University of Oxford;
Ali Nasralla, Senior Fellow (retired) at Manchester University Business School;
Professor Mica Nava, Cultural Studies, University of East London;
Marga Navarrete, Lecturer in Spanish and Translation, Imperial College;
Dr. Nick Nesbitt, French, Aberdeen;
Dr. Michael Niblett, Translation and Comparative Cultural Studies, University of Warwick;
Professor Christopher Norris, Philosophy, University of Cardiff;
Julia O'Faolain, writer;
Michael Oliva, composer and lecturer, Royal College of Music;
Wendy Olsen, Development Studies, University of Manchester;
Professor Peter Osborne, Philosophy, Middlesex University;
Dr. George Paizis, French, UCL;
Professor Ilan Papp?, History, University of Exeter;
Professor Benita Parry, English and Comparative Literature, University of Warwick;
Dr. Diana Paton, History, Newcastle University;
Dr. Ian Patterson, Queens' College, Cambridge;
Lara Pawson, writer and journalist;
Dr. Maeve Pearson, English, University of Exeter;
Carmen Perea-Gohar, lecturer in Spanish, Imperial College;
Dr. Luis Perez-Gonzalez, Translation Studies, University of Manchester;
Dr. Andrea Phillips, Art, Goldsmiths;
Dr. Nina Power, Philosophy, Roehampton University;
Dr. Jane Poyner, English, University of Exeter;
Professor Scott Poynting, Sociology, Manchester Metropolitan University;
Dr. Nicola Pratt, Political, Social & International Studies, UEA;
Professor Al Rainnie, Centre for Labour Market Studies, University of Leicester;
Dr. Kamran Rastegar, Arabic and Persian Literatures, University of Edinburgh;
Professor Jane Rendell, Architecture, UCL;
Professor Dee Reynolds, French, University of Manchester;
Dr. Chris Roberts, School of Community Based Medicine, University of Manchester;
Dr. Mark Robson, English Studies, University of Nottingham;
Professor William Roff, Islamic & Middle Eastern Studies, University of Edinburgh;
Professor Bill Rolston, Sociology, University of Ulster;
Caroline Rooney, English and Postcolonial Studies, Kent;
Professor Hilary Rose, Social Policy, University of Bradford;
Michael Rosen, writer;
Dr. Elaheh Rostami-Povey, Development Studies, SOAS;
Professor William Rowe, Spanish and English, Birkbeck;
Dr. Juliet Rufford, Theatre Studies, University of Reading;
Professor Jonathan Rutherford, Cultural Studies, Middlesex University;
Professor Alfredo Saad Filho, Development Studies, SOAS;
Dr. Gabriela Saldanha, English Language, University of Birmingham;
Dr. Shahira Samy, Politics, University of Oxford;
Dr. Stella Sandford, Philosophy, Middlesex University;
Professor Sanjay Seth, Politics, Goldsmiths;
Carole Satyamurti, writer;
Professor Yezid Sayigh, War Studies, KCL;
Professor Phil Scraton, Law and Criminology, Queen's University Belfast;
Professor Richard Seaford, Classics and Ancient History, University of Exeter;
Amanda Sebestyen, writer and asylum campaigner;
Professor David Seddon, Development Studies, University of East Anglia;
Richard Seymour, writer and activist;
Dr. Subir Sinha, Development Studies, SOAS;
Dr. Debra Benita Shaw, Social Sciences, Media & Cultural Studies, University of East London;
Professor Avi Shlaim, International Relations, St Antony's College, University of Oxford;
Mark Shuttleworth, lecturer in Translation, Imperial College London;
Professor David Slater, Geography, Loughborough University;
Dr. Andrew Smith, Sociology, Anthropology and Applied Social Science, University of Glasgow;
Dr. Graham Smith, Law, University of Manchester;
Professor Neil Smith (emeritus), Linguistics, UCL;
Olivia Smith, Centre for Editing Lives and Letters, Queen Mary, University of London;
Dr. Anthony Soares, Portuguese, Queen's University Belfast;
Ahdaf Soueif, writer and journalist;
Professor William Spence, Physics, QMUL;
Dr. Robert Spencer, Postcolonial Literatures, University of Manchester;
Professor Paul Stewart, Human Resource Management, University of Strathclyde;
Dr. Alison Stone, Philosophy, Lancaster;
Colin Stoneman, writer;
Professor Paul Sutton, Caribbean Studies, London Metropolitan University;
Professor Helen Taylor, English, University of Exeter;
Professor Phil Taylor, Business, University of Strathclyde;
Dr. Jennifer Terry, English Studies, University of Durham;
Dr. Nicholas Thoburn, Sociology, University of Manchester;
Adriana Tortoriello, translator;
Dr. Alberto Toscano, Sociology, Goldsmiths;
Professor Martin Upchurch, Business, Middlesex University;
Dr. Anastasia Valassopoulos, English and American Studies, University of Manchester;
Dr. Rashmi Varma, English and Comparative Literary Studies, University of Warwick;
Dr. Ritu Vij, International Relations, University of Aberdeen;
Professor Dennis Walder, Ferguson Centre for African and Asian Studies, Open University;
Dr. Geoffrey Wall, English, University of York;
Sean Wallis, Survey of English Usage, UCL;
Dr. Vron Ware, Social Sciences, The Open University;
Dr. Eyal Weizman, Centre for Research Architecture, Goldsmiths;
Professor Lynn Welchman, Law, SOAS;
Dr. Jutta Weldes, Politics, University of Bristol;
Tony White, writer;
Geoff Whittam, Reader in Entrepreneurship, University of the West of Scotland Dr. David Whyte, Sociology, University of Liverpool;
Dr. Paula Wilcox, Criminology, University of Brighton;
Dr. Caroline Williams, Politics, QMUL;
Professor Eddie Williams, Linguistics, Bangor University;
Professor James Williams, Philosophy, University of Dundee;
Dr. Carla Willig Psychology, City University;
Dr. Jon E. Wilson, History, KCL;
Dr. Nicole Wolf, Visual Cultures, Goldsmiths;
Dr. Jim Wolfreys, French and European Politics, KCL;
Professor Andy Wood, History, University of East Anglia;
Professor Geof Wood, International Development, University of Bath;
Robin Yassin-Kassab, novelist;
Professor Nira Yuval-Davis, Gender & Ethnic Studies, University of East London;
Dr. Shamoon Zamir, American Studies, KCL;
Professor Slavoj Zizek, Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities;
Dr. Paquita de Zulueta, Medicine, Imperial College;

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