Praising the Holy Prophet Peace be upon him

Muhammad, leader of the two worlds
and of Man and the jinnn,
Leader also of the Arabs and
non Arabs and their kin.
Our Prophet, Commander of right,
prohibits evil's way,
Yet no one's speech more gentle could be
than his nay or yea.
Beloved by Allah is he upon
whose pleading we depend
From terrors of the Day of Judgement,
which on us descend.
He summoned people unto Allah, they to him did adhere,
And clung fast to the rope that none could ever rent or tear.
In morals and features he, all prophets did exceed,
None could approach his knowledge, or his bounty ever precede.
And thus from Allah's Messenger they acquired and did gain,
A handful of the vast sea or a sip of generous rain.
So other prophets in their rightful place before him stand,
Regarding knowledge and the wisdom that they understand.
He perfect is in traits concealed, and features bright and clear,
And Man's Creator chose him as His most beloved and dear.
Too far above all men is he to have a partner who
Has equal qualities, because the essence of virtue
That in him lies is indivisible, and wholly true

Imam Al Busiri, Al Burda: the Prophet Mantle
translated by Thoraya Mahdi Allam.