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Sun 17 December 2017

International & EU conventions
UK Legislation
The Application Process
Misuse of the Asylum Process?
Detention, Dispersal and the moral voice
Asylum & Children
A timeline of refugee arrivals in the UK
Pull & Push Factors
Asylum & anti-Muslim rhetoric

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International agencies


Technology and control of asylum seekers

  • The Schengen Information System, a database to support border controls

  • EURODAC - EU fingerprint database
    A shared central database of asylum seekers' fingerprints. Any EU country can access this database to track whether an individual over the age of 14 has previously applied for asylum elsewhere. The Dublin Convention provides for the comprehensive exchange of personal data on asylum seekers between the member states for the purpose of determining the state responsible for examining an asylum examination. As well as exchanging applicants' personal details such as identity and travel documents, places of residence and travel routes, member states also bind themselves to communicate "other information necessary for establishing the identity of the applicant". Fingerprints are considered such "other information".
    Further Links:
    - Final agreement reached on EU fingerprint database for asylum seekers

    - EURODAC computer to hold fingerprints of all asylum seekers




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