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Mon 20 November 2017

International & EU conventions
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The Application Process
Misuse of the Asylum Process?
Detention, Dispersal and the moral voice
Asylum & Children
A timeline of refugee arrivals in the UK
Pull & Push Factors
Asylum & anti-Muslim rhetoric
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Asylum Applications 1980-01

The bar chart shows the dramatic increase in refugees applying to the UK. Although a slight decrease was experienced in 2001 the amount of applications has gone up almost nine fold since the 1980s. It also shows us that although the UK is granting more and more asylum seekers refugee status well over half are still being rejected.

Break Down of Age Group Seeking Asylum in the UK

The age break down of the asylum seekers above shows that most asylum seekers to the UK are under 30. This is probably due to the fact that older asylum seekers are less able to travel to the UK perhaps due to the length of the journey or their preference to harbour in a neighbouring country due to the fact it would be easier for them to adapt.

Age and Gender Break Down of UK Asylum seekers

Above the break down of the gender of principal applicants to the UK are shown. Males under 35 dominate the statistics with the amount of females as principle applicants only having a ratio of twenty percent.

Principal Applicants as a Proportion of Dependents

Dependents make up a surprisingly small number of applicant asylum seekers. lone children This is fairly surprising but may be explained in part by the large number of that make applications to the UK.

Applications received for asylum in Europe

After peaking in the year 2000 the amount of asylum seekers entered into decline in most European countries with the exception of France.

Top 10 Asylum Seeker Destinations 1990-00

Over the last 10 years we can see that Germany has borne the brunt of the asylum seekers entering Europe with the UK coming in second with less that a quarter of the applications Germany receives.

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