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George Galloway responds - 5th Feb 2015 [from ~39:20 in BBC QT recording]


- MCB report: British Muslims in Numbers

- Sara Khan and the MCB

- Informed comment on Paris atrocity

- MCB statement on Pickles Letter to mosques

- Preparing for the 2015 General Election!

- The British Muslim Narrative


JRF statement on Cage
Statement from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation: "As a Quaker trust, we reject and condemn all violence, including all violence for political ends. We believe that building sustainable security requires patient, long-term work to address the underlying causes of conflict and injustice. Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust has previously funded Cage to promote and protect human rights. We believe that they have played an important role in highlighting the ongoing abuses at Guantanamo Bay and at many other sites around the world, including many instances of torture. The Trust does not necessarily agree with every action or statement of any group that we have funded. We believe that Cage is asking legitimate questions about security service contact with those who have gone on to commit high-profile and horrific acts of violence, but this does not in any way absolve any such individual from responsibility for such criminal acts."

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