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Minority legal orders in the UK: Minorities, pluralism and the law
Islam and the English Enlightenment, 1670–1840
Wandering Lonely in a Crowd – Reflections on the Muslim Condition in the West
Young British Muslims and Relationships
7/7 Muslim Perspectives
Meeting the needs of Muslim women – A directory of mosques in England
The Adab – ‘Respect’ Research Programme, a perspective of Muslim-Sikh relations in the United Kingdom
Plassey’s Legacy – Young Londoners explore the hidden story of the East India Company
Rich histories of Muslims in Britain – Shrabani Basu on Victoria’s Munshi and Ron Geaves’
biography of Quilliam
Sport, Muslim Identities and Cultures in the UK: Case studies of Leicester and Birmingham
You Can’t Put Me in a Box – Super-diversity and the end of identity politics in Britain
Islamophobia and Anti-Muslim Hate Crime: a London Case Study
Our Stories, Our Lives – inspiring Muslim women’s voices
Detention Immorality – The Impact of UK domestic counter-terrorism policies on those detained in the War on Terror
Seen and Not Heard: Voices of Young British Muslims
Stronger Together – A new approach to preventing violent extremism
Understanding Muslim ethnic communities
The Ultimate Separatist Cage? Youth Work with Muslim Young Women
Preventing Violent Extremism (PVE) & PREVENT – a response from the Muslim community
A Management Guide for Mosques and Islamic Centres
The Thistle and the Crescent
A Guide to Engaging Muslim Communities – Matrix Housing Partnership
Valuing Family, Valuing work: British Muslim Women and the Labour market
Every Muslim Child Matters – Practical guidance for schools and children’s services
Capacity Building of Staff in Mosques & Madressahs (Islamic Schools)
Looking beyond the veil – a research project into people’s perceptions of the Muslim veil in Kirklees
Images of Islam in the UK – The Representation of British Muslims in the National Print News Media 2000-2008
Recovering the calm – Best practice guide to prayer rooms and quiet space at work
Review of User Requirements for Digitised Resources in Islamic Studies
Understanding and Appreciating Muslim Diversity: Towards better Engagement and Participation
The search for common ground, Muslims, non-Muslims and the UK media – an academic report commissioned by the Mayor of London
Citizenship Survey, April – September 2007
Race, Masculinity and Schooling – Muslim boys and education
British-Pakistani men from Bradford – Linking narratives to policy
Islam and Muslims in Britain, A Guide for Non-Muslims
Understanding the other perspective – Muslim and non-Muslim Relations
Towards Greater Understanding – Meeting the needs of Muslim pupils in state schools
Muslims in the European Union: Discrimination and Islamophobia
Bringing it Home – Community-based approaches to counter-terrorism (Demos)
The Rules of the Game – Terrorism, Community and Human Rights
Muslims in London
Muslim Women and Higher Education: Identities, Experiences and Prospects
British Muslims
Urban Hope and Spiritual Health
Voices from the Minarets – Empowerment not control
Review of the Evidence Base on Faith Communties
The Muslim Faith and School Uniform
Preventing Extremism Together – Working Groups
Guidelines on religious discrimination & Islamic ethos
Islam, Race and Being British
The Muslim Student Survey
Race,Religion & Muslim Identity in Britain
British Muslims’ Expectations of the Government – Social Discrimination: Across the Muslim Divide
Multicultural Politics -Racism, Ethnicity and Muslims in Britain
Muslims in the Workplace
Diversity, trust and community participation in England
British Muslims Between Assimilation and Segregation
Muslim in the UK Policies for Engaged Citizens
Education of British South Asians
Focus on Religion
Aspirations and Reality: British Muslims & the Labour Market
Religion in England and Wales
The Infidel Within
British Muslims: Loyalty and Belonging
British Muslims and State Policies
Caring for Muslim Patients
Ethnic Minorities in Britain: Diversity & Disadvantage
Fair Justice: The Bradford Disturbances, the Sentencing and the Impact
Islam in Britain: 1558 – 1685
Monitoring Minority Protection in the EU: The Situation of Muslims in the UK
Moral Spotlight on Bradford
The New Scots: The Story of Asians in Scotland
Religious discrimination in England and Wales
Tackling religious discrimination