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A unique repository of arrests under UK anti-terrorism laws.

'A Unique repository' for a record of media-reported anti-terrorism arrests since 2001
2017/08/01Naweed Ali, 29, Khobaib Hussain, 25, Mohibur Rahman, 33, and Tahir Aziz, 38BirminghamThe Independent reports, "Members of a terrorist cell who dubbed themselves the “Three Musketeers” have been found guilty of plotting a Lee Rigby-style attack.

The gang, from the West Midlands, were poised to strike police and military targets in the UK using a pipe bomb and meat cleaver inscribed with an Arabic word meaning “disbeliever”, the Old Bailey heard. . . The defendants claimed the incriminating evidence was planted by an undercover officer known as Vincent, who posed as the boss of a fake firm called Hero Couriers.

Prosecutors dismissed the claims as “theoretical conspiracy theories”, telling the jury there was overwhelming evidence of guilt including instructions on how to make a pipe bomb being downloaded by Aziz, which matched the partially constructed device found in the car . . . The gang had tried to evade secret services and police and even attempted to double deal with an MI5 contact of Rahman’s to extract information.

But the authorities were tracking them with an elaborate undercover operation at Hero Couriers, where Hussain and Ali were offered driving shifts . . ."

BBC reports (2/8/2017). 'The men claimed the incriminating evidence was planted by an undercover officer, known as "Vincent", who posed as the boss of the fake courier firm.

The officer, who gave evidence anonymously, was cross-examined for 12 days and repeatedly rejected the allegations . . . The four-month trial was held partly in secret in the interests of national security and two anonymous witnesses gave evidence behind closed doors."
Naweed Ali, 29, and Khobaib Hussain, 25, both of Sparkhill, Birmingham, and Mohibur Rahman, 33, of Stoke-on-Trent, were convicted at the Old Bailey.

They were arrested last August in an undercover police sting.

A fourth man, Tahir Aziz, 38, from Stoke-on-Trent, was found guilty of the same offence.
BBC, 2 August 2017

Independent, 2 August 2017
2017/06/13Aweys FaqeyStanstedOn 13 June 2017 the Independent reported "Faqey was arrested by counter-terror police before boarding a flight to Turkey last Tuesday on suspicion he planned to travel to Syria.
He was taken to a south London police station as authorities searched two residential addresses in north London in connection with the arrest."
Not knownIndependent 13 June 2017
2017/04/17Haroon Ali Syed, 19HounslowThe Daily Mail reports, "Haroon Ali Syed, 19, pleaded guilty to researching targets including a concert by the singer in Hyde Park, as well as Buckingham Palace and Oxford Street.
He was said to be planning to carry out a bomb attack 'on the scale of 7/7' and also spoke of attacking shoppers in central London."

GuiltyDaily Mail 27 April 2017
2016/12/136 persons, including one woman: aged 22, 27,32, 35 and 36 Derby (4), Burton on Trent (1), London (1)The Guardian (13th December 2016) reports, 'Material recovered from an address raided in Derby has been initially assessed as being consistent with that needed to make homemade explosives, the Guardian understands.'Not knownGuardian, 13th December 2016
2016/10/13Anas AbdallahLondonThe Guardian (16th October 2016) reports, 'It is the fourth time the former computer technology student, who holds British citizenship, has been put on trial for the same terrorist offence at the Old Bailey on London. He was convicted after the prosecution shifted from its previous position of neither confirming nor denying (NCND) Abdalla’s allegations of “oppressive treatment” by the security service.'Found guilty by the Jury - sentence still to be announcedGuardian, 16th October 2016
2016/09/09Three men, two aged 19 and one 20 year oldLondonThe Daily Mail reports, '. . .They are suspected of trying to get automatic weapons and bomb-making chemicals to stage their own Islamic State-inspired atrocity.

Security sources described the alleged conspiracy as ‘significant’, with evidence the men may have been considering multiple targets . . .A third man, aged 19, who is connected to the brothers and originally from Mosul in Iraq, was arrested on suspicion of a religiously aggravated offence.

Not knownDaily Mail,, 9 Sept 2016
2016/04/144 men, 1 woman, unnamedGatwick and BirminghamThe Guardian reports (14th April 2016) 'Counter-terror police in the West Midlands have arrested five people on suspicion of preparing terrorist acts following an investigation that involved Belgian and French authorities.

West Midlands police said it had been working with Belgian and French authorities to “address any associated threat to the UK following the attacks in Europe”.'

On 28 April 2016 the BBC reported, 'Mohammed Ali Ahmed and Zakaria Boufassil are both charged with funding terrorism on or before 7 July 2015.

Mr Ahmed and Soumaya Boufassil are separately charged with preparation of acts of terrorism between January 2015 and this month . . . A third man, Fazal Sajjad Younis Khan, 40, also from Small Heath, has been charged with possession of CS spray, police said.

He has been released on bail to appear before Birmingham magistrates on 13 May.

A 59-year-old man remains on bail while the investigation continues, police added.'

Not knownThe Guardian, 14 April 2016

BBC, 28 April 2016

2016/03/23Four men, including Tarek Hassane and Guzai Abuzeid, both aged 21LondonOn 9 October 2014 the Guardian reported "A 21-year-old student has been named as one of the four men suspected of plotting an attack on Britain. Gusai Abuzeid, a student at the Greenwich School of Management, was arrested on Tuesday morning when armed police raided their London homes. Abuzeid, is the second suspect to have been named since the arrests on Tuesday morning. The other suspect, Tarik Hassane, 21, is a medical student who studies in Sudan...The friend said Hassane returned from Sudan to celebrate Eid al-Adha with his family. He denied claims from neighbours that Hassane had recently grown distant and withdrawn. Counter-terrorism officers have been granted a further five days to question the four suspects, who have been held in police custody since Tuesday morning." On 17 October 2014 the Guardian reported, "Four young men from London allegedly swore an oath to Islamic State extremists, acquired a gun and used everyday internet tools to plot the shooting dead of police officers or soldiers in the capital, a court heard on Friday...Westminster magistrates court heard claims the alleged plot involved the use of Google Street View to conduct 'hostile reconnaissance' on Shepherd’s Bush police station and White City Territorial Army barracks. The men are also alleged to have images, sent via Instagram, of two Metropolitan police officers and two community support officers". On 27 October 2014 the Guardian reported, "Four men accused of a terror plot to kill police or soldiers in London will face a jury next June, a court has heard. The four are alleged to have sworn allegiance to Islamic State (Isis) and carried out 'hostile reconnaissance' on police and military targets, as part of a plot in which a gun, silencer and ammunition were obtained, as well as a moped."On 23 March 2016 the Guardian reported, 'Tarik Hassane, 22, pleaded guilty to having directed others in the plot through encrypted social media programs, while he was a medical student.

His friend Suhaib Majeed, 21, a physics student at King’s College London and a prize-winning maths student, was convicted of the plot by a jury at the Old Bailey...Two other men were convicted of firearms offences, for sourcing and supplying the firearm. But Nyall Hamlett, 25, and Nathan Cuffy, 26, were acquitted of involvement in the terror plot or knowing what Majeed or Hassane were really intending.'

On 22nd April 2016 The Guardian reported, 'Majeed, 22, was found guilty of conspiracy to murder and preparation of terrorist acts after Hassane, 22, admitted the charges midway through the Old Bailey trial.

Mr Justice Wilkie jailed Hassane for a minimum of 21 years and Majeed for a minimum of 20 years.'

The Guardian, 9 October 2014

The Guardian, 18 October 2014

The Guardian, 27 October 2014

The Guardian, 23 March 2016

The Guardian, 22nd April 2016

2016/02/12Naseer Taj, 26BedfordBBC reports, 'A taxi driver who planned to leave his pregnant wife to join so-called Islamic State has been found guilty of terror offences.

Naseer Taj, 26, had prepared to travel to Syria, marry a jihadi bride and achieve martyrdom, his trial heard at the Old Bailey heard.

Taj, from Bedford, was found guilty of one charge of preparing terrorist acts and two of possessing terrorist information.'
In 20th May 2016, BBC reported that Taj jailed for 8 years and three months.BBC, 12th Feb 2016

BBC, 20th May, 2016

2015/12/24Male, 31, unnamedSouth LondonThe Guardian reports on 24th December 2014, 'Armed police have arrested a man at a south London shop over alleged links to terrorism.

The suspect, 31, was arrested just after 5pm on Tuesday evening and detained “on suspicion of being involved in the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism”.

The arrest was planned and followed a joint investigation by Scotland Yard’s terrorism command and MI5. Detectives are investigating if the man had links or had been influenced by Isis as part of their inquiries, and police said the arrest was being linked to Islamist terrorism.'
Not knownGuardian, 12 Dec 2015
2015/12/15Mustafa Abdullah, 34GatwickThe Guardian reported on 15 December 2015, 'Muslim convert Mustafa Abdullah, 34, was stopped at Gatwick airport last year as he returned from a trip to Syria. Police examined his phone and computers and discovered gun instruction videos and audio files on guerrilla warfare and combat equipment. The jury was also shown a photograph from April 2014 of Abdullah with an automatic rifle on his shoulder, recovered from his mobile.

The appliance engineer, of Stockwell in south London, denied 14 counts of possessing terrorism documents or records and one of possessing a gun for a terrorism purposes. He told jurors MI5 paid him £10,000 for helping them and insisted he only went to war-torn Syria to do humanitarian work.

However, the jury deliberated for more than 12 hours and found him guilty of 13 offences of possession of documents likely to be useful to a person preparing an act of terrorism. He was cleared of the remaining charges and will be sentenced later.

The Old Bailey was told he had an “appalling” criminal past with convictions for wounding and robbery. He converted to Islam while in jail.'
Awaiting sentencingGuardian, 15the December 2015
2015/11/17Mohammed Rehman, 25; Sana Ahmed Khan, 24
ReadingOn 17th November 2015 the Daily Mail reported, 'A married couple accused of plotting an ISIS-inspired bombing attack on London's Westfield shopping centre to mark the tenth anniversary of 7/7 were close to being able to carry out their 'catastrophic' attack, a court heard.'
Sana Ahmed Khan sentenced to life with a minimum of 25 years in prison [The Times, 31st December 2015]Daily Mail, 17th November 2010
2015/11/124 men, as yet unnamedHull, Derby, Birmingham, SheffieldThe BBC reports on 12th November 2015, 'Four men have been arrested in the UK following a counter-terrorism operation led by Italian authorities, the North East Counter Terrorism Unit says.
The unit was assisted by officers from Humberside, Derbyshire, South Yorkshire and the West Midlands.
The arrests are part of a pre-planned operation relating to alleged terrorism offences under Italian legislation.'
Not knownBBC, 12 Nov 2015
2015/10/03Fifteen-year-old, unnamedNorth West EnglandOn 23 July 2015, the Guardian reported, 'The boy from north-west England, who cannot be named because of his age, pleaded guilty to encouraging an 18-year-old Australian to carry out an act of terror at the parade in Melbourne in April.' On 2nd October 2015, the BBC reported the boy had been sentenced to life imprisonment.The Blackburn teenager will serve at least five years for inciting terrorism and will only be released once he is no longer considered to be dangerous.Guardian, 23 July 2015

BBC, 2nd October 2015

2015/08/28Anjem Choudary, 48; Mohamed RahmanLondonThe publicity seeking Choudhary - a modern-day Don Quixote - with an acolyte - has his day in court.

The Guardian reports on 28th August 2015, 'The 48-year-old is accused of encouraging his followers to support the group, which has conquered swaths of Iraq and Syria and established a radical Islamist regime, in speeches posted online between 29 June last year and 6 March this year.'

Choudhary was released on bail in September 2015Guardian, 28August 2015
2015/08/2716-year-old girlManchesterThe Guardian, on 27th August 2015 reports, 'A 16-year-old Manchester schoolgirl has pleaded guilty to two terror charges, including possessing a “recipe for explosives”, in connection with a plot to attack police officers at an Anzac Day parade in Australia.

The girl was detained by anti-terror police in April along with a boy of 14 from Blackburn, Lancashire, who has already admitted encouraging an Islamic State-inspired terror attack on officers at the annual Anzac parade. He pleaded guilty at the Old Bailey last month to inciting terrorism abroad... The girl, who has no previous convictions or cautions, on Wednesday pleaded guilty to two offences under section 58 of the Terrorism Act 2000.'
Not knownGuardian, 27 August 2015
2015/08/1351-year-old man, two women aged 53 and 19, and two girls aged 17 and 16Tower Hamlets, LondonThe Guardian reports, 'A married couple and their three daughters have been arrested in east London on suspicion of Syria-related terrorism offences.'Not knownGuardian, 13 August 2015, 12010
2015/08/11Male, unnamed, 27 year oldAlum Rock, BirminghamThe Guardian reports (11th August 2015), '...The man is being held under section 41 of the Terrorism Act which relates to the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism and detectives from the West Midlands counter-terrorism unit have until Tuesday to question him.'Not KnownGuardian, 11th Aug 2015 2012
2015/06/01Two men, unnamedWallaseyOn 1st June 2015 the BBC reported,'Two men from Merseyside have been arrested on suspicion of disseminating terrorist publications.
Officers from the North West Counter Terrorism Unit (NWCTU) have been conducting house searches in Wallasey, police said.
The men, aged 33 and 37, remain in police custody and are being questioned by officers.'
Not knownBBC, 1st June 2015
2015/04/24Boy, unnamedBoltonOn 21st May 2015, the Guardian reported 'A 14-year-old boy from Blackburn, Lancashire, has been charged with inciting a terrorist beheading and inciting a terrorist attack in Australia.

The teenager was first arrested three weeks ago, then re-arrested last weekend in connection with an alleged Islamic State-inspired plot connected to attacks commemorating Anzac day in Australia. His rearrest came after experts examined electronic devices.'
Not knownGuardian 24th April2015
2015/04/206 men, unnamedRochdaleOn 18th April 2015 the BBC reported, 'Six people arrested by UK police over alleged terror offences after a group was stopped at the Turkey-Syria border have been released without charge.
Five people aged between 21 and 47 were arrested earlier this month on suspicion of commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism.
A 30-year-old man, also from Rochdale, has also been released without charge.'
Released without charge 2015/04/09Boy, unnamedManchesterOn 8th April 2015, the thisislancashire website reported, 'A 16-year-old boy has pleaded guilty to attempting to buy a deadly biological toxin over the "dark web".

The teenager from Mossley, Greater Manchester - who cannot be named for legal reasons - wanted to obtain a poison called abrin, said to be 30 times more toxic than ricin'.
Guilty plea entered-
2015/04/03Six people, unnamed, including one womanDoverOn 3rd April 2015, the Guardian reported, "The group is currently being questioned at a police station in the West Midlands while searches are continuing at a number of addresses in Birmingham."

The force said: "The suspects, who are not a family group and were not accompanied by children, did not pose any immediate risk to public safety."

Four of the men arrested are from Birmingham, including a man aged 25 from Small Heath, 26 from Acocks Green, 26 from Alum Rock and 28 from Lozells.

A 26 year old man and a woman aged 23, both of no fixed abode, were also detained.'
On 9th April 2015, the BBC reported that the woman had been released.The Guardian, 3rd April 2015
BBC 9th April 2015
2015/03/20Brusthom Ziamani, 19LondonOn 20th March the BBC reported He converted to Islam in 2014 and became radicalised. Months later he was arrested in east London in a possession of a 12in knife and a hammer.

Ziamani, who was held on 19 August as part of a joint police and MI5 intelligence operation, also had a black 'Islamic flag' in his bag.
Jailed for 22 yearsBBC News, 20th March 2015
2015/03/16Three teenagers, unnamedLondonOn 16th March 2015 the BBC reported that 'The teenagers, two aged 17 and one 19, from north-west London were flown back to the UK on Saturday night.

They were arrested on suspicion of preparing terrorist acts and have been bailed pending further inquiries.

Meanwhile, an 18-year-old man is being held on suspicion of preparing to travel to Syria to join IS.'
Not knownBBC News
2015/02/18Two teenagers, unnamed Greater ManchesterOn 17 Feb 2015 the Manchester Evening News reported "Two teenagers have been arrested on suspicion of terrorism offences in Mossley. The boy and girl, both aged 16, were arrested on Monday on suspicion of being concerned in the commission, preparation or instigation of an act of terrorism and remain in police custody. Searches are currently on-going at addresses on Hanover Street and Spring Mill Drive, Mossley...The boy was arrested at one house and the girl at the other property. They are not related to each other. It is understood that neither is connected to any organised terror group."Not knownManchester Evening News, 17 Feb 2015
2015/02/18Mohammed Ammer Ali, 31Greater ManchesterOn 18 Feb 2015 the BBC reported "A man charged with trying to buy 500g of ricin over the internet has appeared at Westminster Magistrates' Court. Mohammed Ammer Ali, 31, of Prescot Road, Liverpool, is accused of trying to buy five vials of the deadly chemical over the dark web for £325. Prosecutors say he tried to buy the vials in what is understood to have been an FBI sting and was sent them in a remote control car battery pack. Mr Ali was remanded in custody and will appear at the Old Bailey on 13 March."Not knownBBC UK News, 18 Feb 2015
2015/02/11Three men, unnamedMerseyside & West MidlandsOn 11 Feb 2015 the Daily Mail reported "The arrests of a 31-year-old man in the north-west and two women in the Walsall area come as a 27-year-old from Bradford is charged with terror offences in relation to social media postings. The three anti-terror investigations are thought to be separate and unrelated to each other. The West Midlands operation is said to be Syria-related but few details have been released about the nature of the other two investigations. Officers from the North West Counter Terrorism Unit (NWCTU) and Merseyside Police said they are searching the addresses following 'intelligence received'. The 31-year-old man was held on suspicion of being concerned in the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism during the raids this morning."Not knownDaily Mail, 11 Feb 2015
2014/12/30Two men, unnamed, mid-Twenties BedfordshireOn 30 December 2014 the Guardian reported "Bedfordshire police said the suspects were detained early on Monday after officers from the east counter-terrorism investigation unit executed warrants at two properties in Bedford. In a short statement giving details of the arrests, the Bedfordshire force said the two men were later released on police bail pending further inquiries."Not knownThe Guardian, 30 December 2014
2014/12/16Two men, unnamed, aged 37 and 61LondonOn 16 December 2014 the Guardian reported "Two men have been arrested by counter-terror police on suspicion of supporting a banned organisation. Officers from the Metropolitan police’s counter-terrorism command arrested the men, aged 37 and 61, in Luton, under schedule 5 of the Terrorism Act 2000. Both men have been taken to a Bedfordshire police station where they remain in custody, Scotland Yard said. The arrests were made under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act and are in relation to suspicion of supporting a proscribed organisation."Not knownThe Guardian, 16 December 2014
2014/12/11Erol Incidal, 26; Rarmoul-Bouhadjar, 26LondonOn 12 November 2014 the Guardian reported "The highly secretive trial of a man accused of plotting a terrorist attack in London is to be re-run after an Old Bailey jury was discharged. Erol Incedal, 26, is expected to appear in court for a second time next year. He had pleaded not guilty to a charge, brought under the Terrorism Act 2006, that he intended to commit acts of terrorism or assist another to commit them between 1 February 2012 and 14 October last year...[initially] the man arrested with him, Mounir Rarmoul-Bouhadjar, [was only allowed to] be identified only as AB and CD....[the latter] pleaded guilty last month to possession of a bomb-making manual found on an SD memory card, and will be sentenced after Incedal’s retrial. On 12 November 2014 the Guardian reported "A man accused of plotting terrorist attacks in London has been convicted of possession of a bomb-making manual. Erol Incedal was found guilty six days ago, but an order imposed by the judge in the case prohibited any reporting of the verdict before Monday. Incedal, 26, will face a retrial next year accused of preparing acts of terrorism, after the jury failed to reach a verdict on that charge.Acquitted of terrorism charges, 26th March 2015

On 12 December 2015, the Guardian reported, 'Court documents have revealed how a man arrested and accused of plotting a Mumbai-style attack enjoyed a billionaire’s lifestyle with people who were “good friends” of Princes William and Harry.

The newly released transcripts from Britain’s first secret terrorism trial detail part of Erol Incedal’s defence, which was heard behind locked doors in the interests of national security.'

However, the crux of the case against the law student from south London remains unknown despite a high court challenge by the media citing the principle of open justice.'
BBC, 26 March 2015
The Guardian, 12 November 2014

The Guardian, 17November 2014

The Guardian, 12 December 2015
2014/12/07Three men, unnamed, aged 28, 33 and 30.LondonOn 7 December 2014 the Guardian reported "Three men have been arrested by anti-terrorism officers on suspicion of supplying forged documents, Scotland Yard has said. Officers from the Metropolitan police’s Counter Terrorism Command made the arrests on Saturday as searches at addresses in London and the east Midlands were carried out...Searches relating to those detentions have concluded at five addresses – four in south-east London and one in Stoke."Not knownThe Guardian, 7 December 2014
2014/12/04Five men, unnamed, aged between 19 and 32. South WalesOn 4 December 2014 the Guardian reported "Five men have been arrested in Cardiff and the nearby town of Barry in south Wales on suspicion of terror offences. South Wales police said the five were detained in relation to the support of banned organisations. Separately, two people in south-east London were arrested by Scotland Yard counter-terrorism police. The arrests in Cardiff and Barry were carried out by the north-east counter-terrorism unit assisted by the Wales extremism and counter-terrorism unit. Searches were carried out at six addresses."Not knownThe Guardian, 4 December 2014
2014/12/01Two men, unnamedDoverOn 1 December 2014 the Telegraph reported "Two suspected terrorists were discovered in the back of a lorry attempting to leave Dover and hiding among a group of illegal immigrants. The men were among five people arrested by counter-terrorism officers and are suspected of trying to head to Syria to join fanatics there. A third man was arrested also trying to leave Dover later and the remaining two, who were detained in London, are suspected of trying to help them."Not knownTelegraph, 1 December 2014
2014/11/27Zakaria AshiqCoventryOn 27 November 2014 the Daily Telegraph reported, 'A teenager has been charged with preparing acts of terrorism after being arrested as he flew back in to the UK from Jordan.
Zakariya Ashiq, 19, from Coventry, was held at Heathrow airport last Thursday in a pre-planned, intelligence-led operation.
The student has been charged with preparing acts of terrorism and assisting others to prepare for acts of terrorism and was due to appear before Westminster Magistrates Court.'

On 27 May 2015 the Guardian reported, 'A young British Muslim has been jailed for six years for making determined efforts to join Islamic State in Syria to fulfil his ambition of becoming a martyr.

Zakariya Ashiq, 20, left the UK on 6 November 2014 on a bus from Victoria station in London and made his way via Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Bulgaria to Jordan, his Old Bailey trial heard.

But when he failed to cross the border to reach his intended destination of Syria, he flew back to Heathrow where he was arrested on 20 November.

In his defence, Ashiq, of Coventry, admitted trying to get to Syria but claimed he had to leave the UK because he was being “pestered” by MI5 and “tortured” by unidentified shadowy figures.'
Jailed for six yearsDaily Telegraph, 17th November 2014

The Guardian, 27 May 2015

2014/11/07Four men, unnamed; three later named as Nadir Ali Sayed, 21, Yousaf Shah Syed, 19, and Haseeb Hamayoon, 27West LondonOn 7 November 2014 the Guardian reported "A man arrested on Thursday as part of a counter-terrorism operation to thwart an alleged Islamist plot had previously been suspected of wanting to travel to Syria to team up with extremists, friends of his family said on Friday. Counter-terrorism officers announced on Friday that they had arrested four men over an alleged terrorist plot, and were carrying out a series of raids in and around London...Three of the arrests were carried out in west London: a 22-year-old was arrested in Hounslow, with armed officers present, a 25-year-old was arrested in Uxbridge and a 27-year-old man was arrested in a car in Southall. Armed police also arrested a 19-year-old man in High Wycombe. The arrests were made between 8.30pm on Thursday with the last being made just before 3am on Friday. Police said that although armed officers were sent to make two of the arrests, no shots were fired.On 21 November 2014 the Guardian reported "The men were arrested a fortnight ago, shortly before Remembrance Sunday, and were preparing to carry out an imminent plan to decapitate a person with knives, Westminster magistrates court was told on Thursday...A fourth man arrested by counter-terrorism detectives on 7 November was released without charge after eight days in custody."On 15 December 2015 the Guardian reported that '[Nadir] During the trial Syed cut an immature figure, giggling at evidence.' The jury found Syed guilty of preparation of preparation of terrorist acts between 20 September and 7 November 2014. A retrial of Yousaf Syed and Haseeb Hamayoon has been ordered.

BBC reports on 16 June 2016 on the retrial, 'Yousaf Syed, 20, of High Wycombe, was found not guilty of preparing a terrorist act in 2014, after a retrial.

Co-accused Haseeb Hamayoon, 29, of west London, was cleared by the judge after the jury failed to reach a verdict.

Prosecutors confirmed they would not seek a highly unusual third trial for Mr Hamayoon.

Mr Syed's cousin, Nadir Syed, 23, of Hounslow, west London, was convicted of preparing for the attack at the end of the first trial last year'.

Guardian, 7 November 2014

Guardian, 21 November 2014

Guardian, 15 December, 2015

BBC, 16 June 2016

2014/11/0426 year old manCornwallOn 4 November 2014 the Guardian reported "A 26-year-old man has been arrested in Cornwall on suspicion of a terrorism offence linked to Syria, police have said. The Bangladeshi national was detained in the seaside town of Hayle on Monday night by officers from the south-east counter terrorism unit (Sectu) and Devon and Cornwall police. He is being questioned at a police station in the Devon and Cornwall area on suspicion of preparing for an act of terrorism. A police spokesman said the arrest was “in relation to conflicts overseas” and not linked to any immediate threat to local communities or other parts of the UK. A Sectu spokeswoman confirmed the arrest was related to the on-going conflict in Syria.."Not knownThe
Guardian, 4 November 2014
2014/10/14Six arrests, including 2 women; unnamed initially but later to include Enu Miah, 57, Hena Choudhury, 48, and Tuhim, 26, and Mustakim, 23Portsmouth, Farnborough, GreenwichOn 14 October 2014 the Telegraph reported "Six people have been arrested on terror charges after a series of dawn raids by the South East Counter Terrorism Unit. Thames Valley Police said three men and three women were arrested at two properties in Portsmouth, one in Farnborough and one in Greenwich. Counter-terror officers, working alongside colleagues from the Hampshire Constabulary and Metropolitan Police Service, carried out a series of warrants. Police confirmed the arrests were related to the ongoing conflict in Syria. The majority of those arrested are suspected of helping others rather than having been there themselves." On 15 October 2014 the Guardian reported, "The parents of a British man who was killed while fighting in Syria with Islamic State (Isis) have been released on bail after their arrest on suspicion of Syria-related terrorism offences. Enu Miah, 57, from Portsmouth, was detained on Tuesday on suspicion of failing to disclose information about acts of terrorism, engaging in conduct in preparation of terrorist acts and arranging availability of money and property for use in terrorism. Hena Choudhury, 48, also from Portsmouth, was detained on suspicion of failing to disclose information about acts of terrorism. Four other people, including two brothers of the dead man, Tuhim, 26, and Mustakim, 23, remain in custody, Thames Valley police said. The other two are women, aged 23 and 29, from Farnborough in Hampshire and Greenwich, south-east London, respectively. Police have been standing guard outside a terrace house in Hudson Road, Portsmouth, which was targeted as part of the terror raids. The door window was smashed and police tape surrounded the property. The house was previously raided by police in April. The arrest of the Jaman family members followed the death of Ifthekar Jaman, who was killed fighting with Islamic State in December last year. He encouraged others to follow him and take up arms against the Syrian regime and was killed shortly after he had given an interview to BBC Newsnight." On 26 October 2014 the Guardian reported, "The brother of a British man who was killed while fighting in Syria with Islamic State has been charged with preparing terrorist acts. Mustakim Jaman, 23, from Portsmouth and the brother of Ifthekar Jaman, was charged under the Terrorism Act on Sunday, Hampshire police said."Two released on bailThe Telegraph, 14 October 2014

The Guardian, 15 October 2014

The Guardian, 26 October 2014
2014/09/25Ex al-Muhajiroun clique arrest: Anjem Choudhary and eight othersLondonOn 26 September 2014 the Guardian reported "Police arrested Choudary, 47, one of the most high-profile Islamists in Britain, as part of an investigation the alleged encouragement of terrorism. Choudary was a former spokesman for the banned extremist or radical group al-Muhajiroun, which the government says reinvented itself under various names, which were also proscribed. Choudary has always denied allegations that he has either incited or glorified acts of terrorism. He and eight other men aged from 22 to 51 were arrested on suspicion of being members of a proscribed organisation, or supporting a proscribed organisation, as well as encouraging terrorism."

Later on 26 September 2014 the BBC reported that "Radical preacher Anjem Choudary has been released from custody [on bail] after being arrested on suspicion of being a member of a banned terrorist group."
Not knownThe Guardian, 26 September 2014

BBC, 26 September 2014
2014/09/25Abid Sardar, age 37Wembley, LondonOn 25 September 2014the BBC reported "A man from London has appeared in court charged with conspiring to murder coalition forces in Iraq. Anis Abid Sardar, 37, of Wembley, is accused in connection with roadside improvised explosive devices recovered from Anbar province in Iraq in 2007. Mr Sardar appeared at Westminster Magistrates' Court after the CPS said it had authorised charges following an investigation by the Met Police. He was remanded in custody and will appear at the Old Bailey next month. Deborah Walsh, deputy head of counter terrorism at the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), said: 'It is alleged that Mr Sardar conspired to murder coalition forces operating in Iraq on or before 22 November 2007 by conspiring to cause the explosion of these IEDs.' The Metropolitan Police said Mr Sardar was arrested at his home on Tuesday by officers from its Counter Terrorism Command on suspicion of being concerned in the manufacture of the devices. He faces one count of conspiracy to murder, contrary to section 1 of the Criminal Law Act 1977, and one count of conspiring to cause an explosion with intent to endanger life or property contrary to section 3(1)(a) of the Explosive Substances Act 1883."Not knownBBC, 25 September 2014
2014/07/31Runa KhanLondonOn 31 July 2014the BBC reported "A woman has admitted inciting terrorism in Syria by posting a picture of a suicide vest and messaging details of a route into the country on Facebook. Kingston Crown Court heard Runa Khan, 34, of Maple Road West, Luton, sent messages about the route from Turkey to Syria to an undercover police officer. She pleaded guilty to four charges of disseminating terrorist publications between July and September 2013. She is due to be sentenced on 9 September."Not knownBBC,
31 July 2014
2014/07/02Unnamed teenagerCardiffOn 2 July 2014Steven Morris of The Guardian reported "A teenager from Cardiff has been arrested on suspicion of terrorism offences, it has emerged. The 18-year-old man lives in the Grangetown area of the Welsh capital, close to the inner-city areas where two young men who featured in an extremist recruitment video are from. He was seized under section 5 of the Terrorism Act 2006 for assisting in the preparation of an act of terrorism. The teenager is being questioned by officers from the North West Counter Terrorism Unit, which covers north-west England, and the Welsh Extremism and Counter Terrorism Unit."Not knownThe Guardian, 2nd July 2014
2014/06/30Hana Gul Khan and Anton AtkinsLondonOn 30th June 2014 the Brent & Kilburn Times reported, 'Hana Gul Khan, of Meyrick Road, is charged with making a total of £1,100 available for the purpose of terrorism.

She is claimed to have arranged £600 on June 15 and £500 on July 5 last year [to boyfriend Jafar Turay].

Khan is accused alongside Anton Atkins, 30, from Woolwich, who is charged with arranging a pair of combat trousers and £1,600 to be sent to terrorists.

They both appeared before the Old Bailey last week where they were bailed and ordered to return for a plea and case management hearing on October 3.'
On 27th March The Guardian reported that Hana Khan had been sentenced to 21 months in prison, suspended for two years.

Her co-defendant, Anton Atkins, 31, of Woolwich Common, was found not guilty of four counts of funding Turay following the trial in February.
Brent & Kilburn Times, 30th June, 2014

The Guardian, 27th June 2015
2014/05/20Mashudur Chowdhury, age 31 PortsmouthOn 20th May 2014 Sandra Laville of The Guardian reported "A father of two has been convicted of a terror offence for arranging to travel to Syria to join a jihadist training camp. Mashudur Choudhury, 31, is one of at least five men from Portsmouth who travelled to the conflict last October with the alleged intention of joining al-Qaida-inspired rebel groups fighting Bashar al-Assad's forces. He is the first British man to be convicted of a Syria-related terror offence since the conflict began. His conviction will be seen as a victory for the police's counter-terrorism strategy of trying to persuade relatives, friends and associates to come forward if they suspect that an individual is planning to join the fighting in Syria. Choudhury, dressed in a green polo shirt, did not react as the jury returned a unanimous verdict after four and a half hours of deliberation. The judge, Mr Justice Dodgson, warned him he faced a substantial custodial sentence, and adjourned the case for probation reports. Choudhury will be sentenced on 13 June".Not knownThe Guardian, 20th May 2014
2014/03/253 men and 1 woman; including Moazzam Begg; later two men named as Yusuf Sawar and Mohammed Ahmed, both aged 21 The men, both 21BirminghamOn 25th Feb 2014 The Guardian reported "A man aged 36, from the Shirley area of Solihull, and a 44-year-old woman and her 20-year-old son, both from Sparkhill in Birmingham, were also arrested on suspicion of facilitating terrorism overseas. The offences are all Syria-related, the force added. All four are being held at a police station in the West Midlands. The West Midlands police counter-terrorism unit confirmed to the Guardian that Begg was one of those arrested. On 13 March 2014 The Guardian reported, "Yusuf Sawar and Mohammed Ahmed, from Handsworth, Birmingham, were arrested at Heathrow airport on Monday after arriving back in the UK on a flight from Turkey. The men, both 21, who are charged with engaging in conduct in preparation of terrorist acts contrary to section 5(1) of the Terrorism Act 2006, appeared at London's Westminster magistrates court on Saturday".On 4 April 2014 the 5Pillarz website reported that Moazzam Begg "appeared today at a bail appeal at London’s Old Bailey. Due to reporting restrictions we cannot publish what else happened in court."Not knownThe Guardian, 25th FEb 2014

The Guardian, 13th March 2014
2013/10/144 men unnamedLondonOn 14th October 2013BBC reported "Four men are being questioned over an alleged terror plot after they were arrested in a series of raids by armed police officers across London. The men - arrested at about 19:10 BST on Sunday in Whitechapel, Bayswater and Peckham - are being held on suspicion of the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism.Not knownBBC, 14th Oct 2013
2013/06/10Omar Khan, 28, Mohammed Saud, 23, Jewel Uddin, 27, Zohaib Ahmed, 22, and Anzal Hussain, 25DewsburyOn 30th June 2012 five of the defendants had travelled in two cars from Birmingham to Dewsbury on the afternoon of 30 June with an arsenal of weapons hidden in holdalls in the boot of one of the cars. Among the weapons were two shotguns, swords, knives, a nail bomb containing 458 pieces of shrapnel, and a partially-assembled pipe bomb. The nail bomb was an 18-inch rocket stuffed with shrapnel and was to be powered by explosives taken from at least two large fireworks.
On 10th June 2013 the Guardian reported "the six men had earlier pleaded guilty to engaging in preparation for acts of terrorism and targeting an English Defence League demonstration in Dewsbury last year – using a home-made bomb, guns, knives and a machete."
Sentencing of three men to 19-and-a-half years in prison, with an additional five years of restrictions on licence. They are Omar Khan, 31, Jewel Uddin, 27, and Zohaib Ahmed, 22.The Guardian, 10th 2013
2013/03/1016 year-old boy, unnamedNorthamptonshireOn 11th March 2013 the BBC reported, "the teenager pleaded guilty to two terror charges and another offence at a hearing at Birmingham Magistrates' Court. The boy was arrested at his home in Northamptonshire, in February 2012. He admitted possessing sulphur powder and potassium nitrate, between 1 January and 26 February 2012, and a book on Semtex. He also admitted possession of a quantity of prohibited images of children. Mark Topping, prosecuting, said since his arrest the boy had been detained under the Mental Health Act in secure accommodation in the West Midlands area."Not knownBBC, 11th March 2013
2012/12/10Ruksana BegumStratfordFollowing the arrest of Gurkanth Desai and AbdulMiah Ruksana had also been arrested but then released. However she was subsequently rearrested, the Daily Mail on 10th December 2012 reporting, "Ruksana Begum, 22, who has a first-class degree in accountancy, had two editions of Al-Qaeda's Inspire magazine on her phone, including articles such as 'Targeting the populations of countries that are at war with the Muslims'...Hossein Zahir, defending, said Begum downloaded the material a few weeks before the raid because she wanted to understand why her brothers had taken the path they had. He said: 'She was confident that her brothers were innocent and they would be acquitted. Then they pleaded guilty. 'She accessed this material, which is easily accessible, before coming to London to understand the background and ideology which led to her brothers' incarceration". For many in the community, this case is similar to the ordeal faced by Rizwan Sabir, the Nottingham University student who was incarcerated for downloading publicly accessible material for research purposes - books and journals should now have a display "Muslims read this at your peril".Pleaded guilty to possessing material which was likely to be useful to someone committing or preparing an act of terrorism and sentenced to one year.Daily Mail, 10th December 2012
2012/10/10One man and one woman, unnamedHeathrowOn 10th October 2012 the BBC reported, "Two people have been arrested at Heathrow Airport on suspicion of committing terrorism offences, the Metropolitan Police have said. A man and a woman, both aged 26, were arrested at 20:30 BST on Tuesday after their flight landed at the airport. The pair were held on suspicion of the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism. These arrests are part of an investigation into travel to Syria in support of alleged terrorist activity. Scotland Yard said the pair had flown into the UK from Egypt."Not knownBBC, 10th October 2012
2012/07/07Unnamed, but later three named: Jewel Uddin, 26, Omar Mohammed Khan, 27, and Mohammed Hasseen, 23 M1 Motorway On 7th July 2012 the Star reported, "Seven men have been arrested on suspicion of terror offences after firearms and other weapons were found ‘hidden’ in a car stopped on the M1 in South Yorkshire. West Midlands Police said a man from West Yorkshire and six from the West Midlands were questioned ‘on suspicion of the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism’. A spokesman said: “The arrests followed a routine stop of a vehicle by police on the M1 in South Yorkshire last Saturday. The car was impounded on suspicion of having no insurance."
On 10th July the BBC reported that "Jewel Uddin, 26, Omar Mohammed Khan, 27, and Mohammed Hasseen, 23, all from Sparkhill, are appearing at Westminster Magistrates' Court. The BBC's Tom Symonds says the magistrate has ordered the hearing be closed to the press, and is currently hearing legal submissions. Mr Uddin, Mr Khan and Mr Hasseen were charged under the Terrorism Act 2006, accused of preparing for an act or acts of terrorism with the intention of committing such acts. They are accused of manufacturing an improvised explosive device, as well as acquiring firearms and other weapons, and vehicles connected with their alleged plans."
Not knownStar, 7th July 2012

BBC, 10th July 2012

2012/07/062 men arrested, Jamalud Din 18, Zakariya 32StratfordOn 6th July 2012 the Guardian reported, "Richard Dart, 29, who changed his name to Salahuddin al-Britani after converting, was said to have been one of three people detained in Ealing, west London, on Thursday. He was arrested in the street. The others detained in Ealing were a 21-year-old man and a 30-year-old woman held at separate home addresses....Meanwhile, in Stratford, east London, the home of the Olympics, three men believed to be members of the same Bangladeshi family were arrested in a raid on their home. One, aged 24, was Tasered during his arrest but did not require hospital treatment, a Metropolitan Police spokesman said. The others were aged 18 and 26. Neighbours said the occupants had been at the house for many years and there were frequently people coming and going from the property. They spoke of seeing men in Muslim-style robes and a woman in a burka".
On 8th July the Independent reported, "A 30-year-old woman who was arrested at an address in Ealing on Thursday was freed by police yesterday. Officers continue to hold six people in custody at a south London police station, including a 22-year-old woman who was arrested in Hackney, east London, early yesterday."

On 20th July the Press Association reported, "Scotland Yard has said none of the alleged offences was linked to the Games....Richard Dart, of Broadway, Ealing, who appeared in a BBC Three documentary after converting to Islam, is charged with preparing for acts of terrorism between July 2010 and July 2012, alongside Imran Mahmood and Jahangir Alom...the woman, Ruksana Begum. Begum, 22, of Provost Estate, Islington, north London, is charged with possession of a digital memory card containing a document likely to be of use to a terrorist...
On 10th December 2012 while reporting on Ruksana Begum's sentencing the Daily Mail noted that "Gurukanth Desai, 30, and Abdul Miah, 25, were sentenced to 12 and 16 years respectively".
On 24th April 2013, the Evening Standard reported, "Dart, 30, of Ealing; Mahmood, 22, of Northolt; and Jahangir Alom, 26, of Stratford, were all being sentenced today after they admitted engaging in conduct in preparation for acts of terrorism".
The Guardian, 6th July 2012

Independent, 8th July 2012

PA, 20th July 2012

Daily Mail, 12th December 2012

Evening Standard, 24t April 2014
2012/06/29 2 men arrested, Jamalud Din 18, Zakariya 32 Waltham AbbeyOn 29th June 2012 the Daily Telegraph reported that the men "were arrested at separate residential addresses in east London, by officers from the Metropolitan Police Counter-Terrorism Command, at 7am on Thursday. They were detained under the Terrorism Act 2000 on suspicion of the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism and held at a central London police station. Officers were last night searching two addresses in East London"....A friend of the arrested men said "the arrests 'might have had something to do with the fact that they recently went canoeing' on the River Lea, a branch of which runs through the Olympic site in east London."Released without chargeDaily Telegraph, 29th June 2012
2012/05/12 2 men arrested, unnamedCheltenhamOn 12th May 2012 the BBC reported that " Two men held after suspicious items were found in a garage in Cheltenham on Friday are to be questioned over terrorism offences. Initially arrested under the Explosive Substances Act, the pair aged 52 and 31 have been further arrested on suspicion of the commission, instigation or preparation of a terrorist act. It follows the examination of items police found in a garage in Buttermere Close in the Up Hatherley area."Not knownBBC,
12th May 2012
2012/04/245 men arrested, one later released; arrested men named: Zahid Iqbal, 30, Mohammed Sharfaraz, 24, Syed Hussain, 21, and Umar Arshad, 23LutonOn 24th April 2012 Matt Blake of the Daily Mail reported: " Five men have been arrested on suspicion of the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism, Scotland Yard said. Anti-terror police swooped on a series of different addresses before dawn as part of a 'pre-planned, intelligence-led' operation. The men, aged 21, 23, 24, 25 and 30, were all arrested at separate homes in Luton this morning and have been taken to a central London police station for questioning". On 30th April 2012 the Telegraph reported that the men will be "charged with the intention of committing acts of terrorism, or assisting others to commit such acts." No details were given as to what the men were allegedly planning. Not knownDaily Mail, 24th April 2012

The Telegraph, 30th April 2012
2012/02/04Samir JamaluddinNot disclosedOn 5th Feb 2012 Ian Gallagher of the Daily Mail reported on the case of a BA pilot Samir Jamaluddin: "...The 39-year-old is suing the airline for racial and religious discrimination after losing his job. He was judged a security risk after his arrest by Scotland Yard counter-terrorism detectives in 2007, and the airline decided it was in the national interest to ensure he never flew again...employment tribunal reporting restrictions were lifted on Friday after 12 days of highly charged evidence, allowing the case’s extraordinary circumstances to be revealed for the first time...the tribunal heard that at a briefing attended by MI5, MI6 and senior police officers in October 2007, BA was warned that two businessmen wanted to fly a ‘747 by Christmas 2007’ and had paid for lessons upfront in cash....The two men were arrested along with Mr Jamaluddin later the same month, after his close links to them were uncovered by police... None of the arrests resulted in convictions, but after conducting two inquiries the airline concluded Mr Jamaluddin was in a ‘position to cause considerable harm’ and should not fly again...The pilot, a practising Muslim of Indian descent, believes the decision to end his ten-year career was unfair and taken against a background of post-September 11 paranoia and prejudice...He [Mr Steed, BA's Director of Security] revealed that BA persuaded counter-terrorism officers not to arrest Mr Jamaluddin under the Terrorism Act because it would cause the airline ‘significant public relations issues’. He said it would also have been bad for the Government’s relations with the US. In the event, Mr Jamaluddin was arrested over money-laundering offences connected to the alleged terror plot and, much to BA’s relief, the news never became public...Mr Mohamed and Mr Shoubaki were accused of a range of terror offences, including conspiring to possess money for terrorist purposes. All charges against Mr Mohamed were dropped, and in September 2008 a jury cleared Mr Shoubaki, an IT specialist, of possessing items of use to a terrorist...When the trial ended, BA began an internal investigation which eventually found that Mr Jamaluddin had no case to answer. However, he was still deemed a security risk and unsuitable to fly a jumbo jet. Explaining the decision to withdraw Mr Jamaluddin’s airside pass, thus ending his BA career, Mr Steeds said: ‘I concluded there was a more than trivial security risk in allowing Samir to operate BA aircraft. ‘I know from many years of working with the Metropolitan Police that releasing an individual without charge does not necessarily mean there are no longer any suspicions." Acquitted of terrorism chargesDaily Mail, 5th Feb 2012
2011/11/15Four men arrested, unnamed; later three brought for trial, Irfan Naseer, 31, Irfan Khalid and Ashik Ali, both 27BirminghamOn 15th Nov 2011 the BBC reported "Four men have been arrested in a major counter terrorism operation, police in Birmingham have said. It followed pre-planned raids on their addresses early on Tuesday, in the Sparkhill area of the city. The suspects - three aged 19 and one aged 24 - are suspected of fundraising in the UK and travelling to train for terrorist purposes in Pakistan. Eight others have already been charged in connection with the investigation, known as Operation Pitsford. ".

"On 23rd October 2012 the Guardian reported the trial proceedings in Woolwich Crown Court: Irfan Naseer, 31, Irfan Khalid and Ashik Ali, both 27, were among a group of men who posed as collectors from the Muslim Aid (MA) charity, complete with T-shirts and high-visibility tabards, to carry out street collections and door-to-door pleas for cash in Birmingham and Leicester last year, their trial at Woolwich crown court heard. But the charity received just a fraction of the Ramadan collection cash in August last year, with the vast majority being kept to finance the plot, the jury was told....The court previously heard that the men, two of whom are alleged to have received terror training in Pakistan, planned to detonate a series of suicide bombs in an attack that could have been bigger than the 7 July 2005 atrocities. The jury heard that Ali registered two accounts on eBay's online charity website "half in jest" in September 2006, with the user names "terrorshop" and "shopterror", using the email address"
The Guardian reported on 23rd Feb 2013, "Three would-be suicide bombers face life in jail after a jury convicted them on Thursday of plotting to carry out terror attacks in the UK which would have been more deadly than the 7/7 bombings in 2005. Convicted on Thursday by a jury at Woolwich crown court, London, of engaging in conduct in preparation of terrorist attacks, the three were key figures in a terror cell in the Sparkhill area of Birmingham. They aimed to detonate eight to 10 suicide bombs and timed explosive devices that prosecutors said could have caused "death and injury on a massive scale". Six other members of the cell had earlier pleaded guilty". BBC, 15th Nov 2011

The Guardian, 23rd October 2012

The Guardian, 23rd Feb 2013
2011/08/03Couple, unnamedAfghanistanOn 3rd August 2011 the Guardian reported "A British couple seized by special forces in Afghanistan on suspicion of planning a terrorist attack have been released, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has disclosed. They were due to be extradited at the end of last week to Britain, where they faced the prospect of being held in custody or subjected to control orders. The couple's release came after their lawyer threatened to challenge their continuing detention in the British courts. British officials indicated there was insufficient evidence against the couple to convince a UK court that there was a substantial case against them...However, British government officials said their release, in southern Afghanistan, did not mean the end of the matter."Not knownThe Guardian, 3rd August 2011
2011/06/16Asim Kausar, 25BoltonOn 16th June 2011 the Guardian reported "A terror suspect has appeared in court accused of having instructions to make a bomb. Asim Kauser, 25, of Bolton, was charged with four offences under the Terrorism Act in relation to material found on a computer pen drive. He is accused of having "various instructions in how to make an improvised explosive device". He is also charged with having a recipe for the deadly poison ricin, City of Westminster magistrates court heard."Not knownThe Guardian, 16th June 2011
2011/02/04Rajib KarimNewcastleRajib Karim was arrested in Newcastle on 25th Feb 2010 and charged with offences under the Terrorism Act spanning a fou year period, from 13 April 2006 to 25 February 2010. At his trial in Feb 2011, the Prosecution alleged that Karim began work for the 'media department' of Jamaat ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) and that he wrote in an email that he could cause British Airways 'millions in revenue' by shutting down their website and could ground their planes by attacking their computer servers. Karim has already pleaded guilty to producing and distributing a video on behalf of JMB, raising funds for terrorism and offering himself and encouraging others to volunteer for terrorist operations abroad. He denies four charges of preparing to commit acts of terrorism himself or assisting others to do so., distributing jihadist texts, setting up websites, and producing a four-part video with English subtitles. On 28th Feb 2011 the Guardian reported that Rajib Karim was "found guilty of plotting to blow up a plane while working as a computer specialist with British Airways." Karim had denied plotting to blow up a plane and gaining a job in the UK for terrorist purposes, but pleaded guilty to fundraising for terrorist organisations. The prosecution case rested on proving email correspondence with Anwar al-Awlaki.Daily Telegraph, 4th Feb 2011

The Guardian, 28th Feb 2011
2010/12/2012 men, as yet not named, aged between 17 and 28; 9 men subsequently remanded - named as Mohammed Chowdhury, 20; Shah Rahman, 28; Omar Latif, 26; Abdul Miah,24; Gurukanth Desai, 28; Usman Khan, 19; Nazam Hussain, 25; Mohibur Rahman, 26, and Abul Shahjahan, 26.Birmingham, Cardiff, London and Stoke-on-TrentThe Guardian (20th Dec 2010) reports "The men...were held in Birmingham, Cardiff, London and Stoke-on-Trent on suspicion of the commission, preparation or instigation of an act of terrorism in the UK, police said.Searches of properties in the four locations are taking place. The raids were launched 'to take action in order to ensure public safety', the country's leading anti-terrorism officer, Assistant Commissioner John Yates, of the Metropolitan police, said."

On 22nd December the Sun reported that "One of the 12 suspects held over fears of a Christmas terror outrage has links to hate preacher Anjem Choudary, it was claimed last night. Abu Bosher, 26, is said to be connected to Choudary's banned extremist organisation Islam4UK." On 27th December 2010 the Daily Telegraph reported that nine "defendants, aged 19 to 28, were charged on Sunday with conspiracy to cause an explosion and conduct in preparation for acts of terrorism". The prosecutor stated that "a handwritten note was found next to a computer with six contact details handwritten. They included the name, full address and post codes". Apparently some of those appearing in court for the remand hearing "whispered and laughed while in the dock, with Mr Latif winking and giving a thumbs up". On 2nd Feb 2012 the Guardian reported, "He [Muhammad Chowdhury] and eight other men from London, Cardiff and Stoke-on-Trent were due to face trial this week. At the last minute they admitted the terror plot, but denied the intention was to cause death or injury....The nine had been due to face a five-month trial, but pleaded guilty as part of a Goodyear Direction, which allows a defendant to weigh up whether they should plead guilty depending on the sentences they are likely to face. Chowdhury and Rahman could be out of prison in six years; they will be released automatically at the halfway point of their jail term and spend the remainder of time on licence. If they had gone to trial and been found guilty they would have been sentenced to about 20 years in jail."
Chowdhury, Rahman, Usman Khan, 20, of Stoke, Nazam Hussein and Mohammed Shahjahan, both also from Stoke, Miah and Desai, both from Cardiff, all admitted engaging in conduct in preparation for acts of terrorism, contrary to section 5(1) of the Terrorism Act 2006. Mohibur Rahman, from Stoke, admitted possession of an article for a terrorist purpose; namely, copies of Inspire magazine from summer 2010 and autumn 2010. Omar Latif, 28, from Cardiff, admitted assisting others to engage in preparation for acts of terrorism by travelling to and attending meetings on 7 November and 12 December 2010. All nine defendants denied conspiring to cause an explosion or explosions of a nature likely to endanger life or cause serious injury to property.

On 9th Feb 2012, sentences were passed: "Mohammed Shahjahan, 27, was jailed for a minimum term of eight years and 10 months, while fellow Stoke-on-Trent-based radicals Usman Khan, 20, and Nazam Hussain, 26, were ordered to serve at least eight years behind bars....Mr Justice Wilkie jailed Abdul Miah, 25, from Cardiff, for 16 years and 10 months, noting that he was the leader of a branch of the terrorist network and set the agenda "by virtue of his maturity, criminal nous, experience and personality". His brother, Gurukanth Desai, 30, from Cardiff, and Shah Rahman, 28, from east London, were jailed for 12 years, and Mohammed Chowdhury, 22, from east London, who was described as the lynchpin of the group, was sentenced to 13 years and eight months...The judge noted that Chowdhury was a "compulsive self-publicist", Shah Rahman failed to impress the Cardiff members, Miah was "criminally experienced" but repeatedly failed to conceal his wrongdoing, and Desai was "very much subordinate" to his brother. Omar Latif, 28, from Cardiff, was jailed for 10 years and four months, with an extended period on licence of another five years, for attending meetings with the intention of assisting others to prepare or commit acts of terrorism.... Mohibur Rahman, 27, from Stoke-on-Trent, received a five-year prison sentence for possessing two copies of the online al-Qaida magazine Inspire for terrorist purposes"[Source The Guardian, 10th Feb 2012]
Guardian 20th Dec 2010

The Sun 22nd Dec 2010

Daily Telegraph, 27th Dec 2010

Guardian, 2nd Feb 2012

Guardian, 10th Feb 2012
2010/11/11Male, unnamedWolverhamptonThe Daily Telegraph (11th Nov 2010) reports "West Midlands Counter Terrorism Unit arrested the man at 9.30am on Wednesday and conducted a search of his home in the Dunstall area of Wolverhampton. Officers seized computer and electronic equipment, police said. The man was being questioned under section one of the Terrorism Act 2006 on suspicion of encouraging an act of terrorism." Not knownDaily Telegraph, 11th November 2010