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Focus on Key Constituencies – Marginals, Significant Muslim populations, Standing Muslim MPs…




General Election 2010 – Focus on Constituencies

Constituency Muslim Population (2001) Muslim Population as % of total Muslim voter estimate Incumbent MP’s margin of victory Incumbent MP Party
Crawley 4,417 4.43 1,860 37 Moffatt, L.J. Ms. Lab
Croydon Central 4,416 3.84 1,881 75 Pelling, A.J. Con
Sittingbourne and Sheppey 383 0.42 170 79 Wyatt, D.M. Lab
Harlow 1,135 1.27 507 97 Rammell, W.E. Lab
Romsey 674 0.75 375 125 Gidley, S.J. Ms. LD
Clwyd West 144 0.21 75 133 Jones, D.I. Con
Battersea 3,465 3.94 1,618 163 Linton, M. Lab
Medway 964 1.08 444 213 Marshall-Andrew Lab
Ceredigion 252 0.33 120 219 Williams, M.F. LD
Gillingham 1,070 1.08 489 254 Clark, P.G. Lab
Warwick and Leamington 559 0.53 288 266 Plaskitt, J.A. Lab
Solihull 1,290 1.31 687 279 Burt, L.J. Ms. LD
Guildford 967 0.97 499 347 Milton, A.F. Ms. Con
Stroud 166 0.17 94 350 Drew, D.E. Lab
Stourbridge 2,670 3.23 1,346 407 Waltho, L.E. Ms. Lab
Hove 1,591 1.73 775 420 Barlow, C.A. Ms. Lab
Shipley 3,057 3.44 1,639 422 Davies, P.A. Con
Rochdale 17,395 17.98 7,340 442 Rowen, P.J. Conservative PPC Mudasir Dean LD
Selby 167 0.17 88 467 Grogan, J.T. Lab
Reading East 4,632 4.54 1,994 475 Wilson, R. Con
Hornchurch 563 0.73 280 480 Brokenshire, J.P. Con
Islington South and Finsbury 6,518 7.74 2,396 484 Thornberry, E. M Lab
Hemel Hempstead 1,520 1.59 749 499 Penning, M.A. Con
Eastleigh 274 0.28 137 568 Huhne, C.M.P. LD
Taunton 296 0.28 164 573 Browne, J.R. LD
Gravesham 763 0.8 360 654 Holloway, A.J.H. Con
South Thanet 285 0.35 145 664 Ladyman, S.J. Lab
Manchester; Withington 5,974 7.06 2,644 667 Leech, J. LD
Wellingborough 735 0.7 371 687 Bone, P.W. Con
Dartford 619 0.65 305 706 Stoate, H.G.A. Lab
Finchley and Golders Green 6,688 6.09 2,629 741 Vis, R.J. Lab
Somerton and Frome 101 0.1 55 812 Heath, D.W.St.J. LD
Bethnal Green and Bow 44,718 39.16 17,239 823 Galloway, G. not standing; Lib Dem PPC Ajmal Masroor; Labour PPC Rushanara Ali Respect
City of Chester 581 0.65 290 915 Russell, C.M. M Lab
Harwich 245 0.24 121 920 Carswell, J.D.W. Con
Hereford 123 0.13 61 962 Keetch, P.S. LD
Oxford East 4,362 4.47 1,869 963 Smith, A.D. Lab
Carshalton and Wallington 1,767 1.88 811 1068 Brake, T.A. Labour PPC Shafiqul Khan LD
Wirral West 162 0.21 86 1097 Hesford, S. Lab
Eastbourne 894 0.92 444 1124 Waterson, N.C. Con
Pendle 11,988 13.43 5,526 2,180 Prentice, G. Lib Dem PPC Afzal Anwar Lab
Bury North 4,642 5.06 2,250 2,926 Chaytor, D.M. retiring; Labour PPC Maryam Khan Lab
Leyton & Wanstead 14,754 16.83 5,595 6,857 Cohen, H.M. standing down;  Lib Dem PPC Farooq Qureshi Lab
South Cambridgeshire 664 0.70 370 8,001 Andrew Lansley Labour PPC Tariq Sadiq Con
Ilford North 5,818 6.36 2,734 1,635 Scott, L. retiring; Labour PPC Sonia Klein Con
Bradford West 38,483 37.59 13,659 3,026 Singh, M Lib Dem PPC Mukhtar Ali Lab
Luton South 16,900 17.3 6,732 5,650 Moran, M Lib Dem PPC Qurban Hussain Lab
Manchester, Gorton 13,368 17.03 4,964 5,808 Kaufman, G.B. Lib Dem PPC Qassim Afzal Lab
Birmingham Hall Green 4,332 5.60 1,800 5,700 McCabe, S. Respect PPC Salma Yaqoob;  Lib Dem PPC Ayoub Khan Lab
Birmingham Hodge Hill 14,303 18.87 5,359 5,449 Byrne, L. Lib Dem PPC Tariq Khan Lab
Birmingham Ladywood 30,654 29.54 9,811 6,801 Short, Clare retiring; Labour PPC Shabana Mahmood Lab
Bolton South East 10,387 11.61 3,700 11,638 Iddon, Brian retiring; Labour PPC Yasmin Qureshi Lab
Ealing Central & Acton new boundary 10,987 note2 9.9 3,926 5,520 note Slaughter, A.F. Labour PPC Bassam Mahfouz Lab
Glasgow Central 7,400 9.3 2,500 8,531 Sarwar, G. retiring; Labour PPC Anas Sarwar; SNP PPC Osama Saeed Lab
Tooting 6,343 6.95 2,893 5,381 Khan, S. standing; Labour PPC Sadiq Khan Lab
Dewsbury 14,257 16.53 6,379 4,615 Malik, S. standing; Labour PPC Shahid Malik Lab
Birmingham Perry Barr 15,591 15.86 6,169 7.948 Mahmood, K standing; Labour PPC Khalid Mahmood; Lib Dem PPC Karen Hamilton Lab
Note: but the new seat, after boundary changes, has a notional Conservative majority of 84
Note 2: old boundary which included Shepherds Bushback-to-top-icon

General Election 2010 – Focus on PPCs

Mudasir Dean

Focus on Rochdale – Conservative PPC Mudasir Dean

“A community cohesion co-ordinator will represent the Conservatives in the Rochdale parliamentary constituency at next year’s General Election. Mudasir Dean, who was born in Bolton, has worked across the north west region in a variety of jobs including varied career ranging from local Government to business links in Greater Manchester. Mr Dean is currently manager and co-ordinator of a community cohesion project in Bury.” source, Nov 2009

Maryam Khan

Focus on Bury North – Labour PPC Maryam Khan

“Maryam Khan, who became the youngest councillor to be elected onto Manchester City Council in 2006, was selected to represent Bury North with ‘overwhelming support’…if elected the 27-year-old solicitor, who currently represents the Longsight ward, will not only become the first Pakistani Muslim female MP, but also the youngest in Greater Manchester. She will also replace the current Labour MP David Chaytor who is stepping down in the wake of the expenses scandal. … Chair of Bury North Labour Party, Martin Hayes said: ‘Maryam received overwhelming support from the local Labour Party and I am delighted she has been selected to join our hard working councillors and party members….’ Maryam’s proud dad, Cheetham Hill Councillor, Afzal Khan, who was also the city’s first Muslim Pakistani Lord Mayor, said: ‘I’m really proud of Maryam. She’s worked really hard and is passionate about her work. If elected she will make the people of Bury very proud.” source, Nov 2009

Sonia Klein

Focus on Ilford North – Labour PPC Sonia Klein

Watch this space for Sonia Klein!

Ajmal Masroor

Focus on Bethnal Green & Bow – Lib Dem PPC Ajmal Masroor

Ajmal presents two weekly current affairs programmes on Channel S and Islam Channel. He regularly appears on Channel 4 and the BBC as an expert. He also writes for the Guardian’s ‘Comment is Free’…. Ajmal worked as a community organiser and youth worker across East London for ten years. He has worked with young people to resolve disputes and reject violence. He is a trained facilitator and mediator. He notes, “Labour make new laws, but don’t take real action. I will work to ensure: ID cards are scrapped and more police are on the beat instead; The police target crime using intelligence not racial profiles; Young people are given opportunities not forced onto the streets.” source

Rushanara Ali

Focus on Bethnal Green & Bow – Labour PPC Rushanara Ali

“My achievements are the achievements of the teachers and youth workers at Mulberry School and Tower Hamlets College. It was their belief in me that gave me my passport to opportunity – a place at Oxford University, and jobs in Parliament, the Institute for Public Policy Research, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the Home Office, and now as an Associate Director of the Young Foundation in Bethnal Green.” source

 Salma Yaqoob

Focus on Birmingham Hall Green – Respect PPC Salma Yaqoob



With the country facing the deepest recession in generations, Labour and the Tories offer us nothing but rising unemployment and cuts in services. Those of us who want a new politics based on social justice need to work together.” source“Salma Yaqoob is a prominent anti-war activist and Respect’s co-founding member and vice-chair. With a total of 10,498 she came second with 27 percent of the vote in Birmingham’s Sparkbrook & Small Heath constituency in the May 2005 General Election. In May 2006 she was elected councillor for the Sparkbrook ward in Birmingham. In December 2006 she acted as an electoral monitor in the Venezuelan presidential elections. Born in Bradford but raised in Birmingham, Salma has proven to be a remarkable icon not only for Muslim women, but for Muslims and activists throughout the country. Being a mother of three boys never stood in the way of Mrs. Yaqoob campaigning tirelessly for what she believed in and for positive change in her local community and way beyond. Salma Yaqoob has addressed numerous demonstrations and meetings all protesting against the War in Iraq and the Israeli occupation of Palestine. She has continued to fight for civil liberties in Britain and against all policies that target those freedoms and liberties, including the anti-terrorist law recently proposed. She is a strong advocate for the right of Muslim women to wear the Hijab. Her campaigning for the rights of the elderly and those most in need, has already won her widespread support.”Facebook: Elect Salma Yaqoob as the next MP for Birmingham Hall Green click hereSalma Yaqoob, BBC Question Time, 10th December 2009 click here

Ayoub Khan

Focus on Birmingham Hall Green – Lib Dem PPC Ayoub Khan

He has been a Birmingham City Councillor since 2003 and is currently studying to become a Barrister. He previously worked as a professional IT consultant. source

Shabana Mahmood

Focus on Birmingham Ladywood – Labour PPC Shabana Mahmood

Ms Mahmood, a barrister and daughter of Mahmood Ahmed, chairman of Birmingham Labour Party, won after an accrimonious selection battle against rival councillor Ms Mosquito. She has siad that her aim would be to represent the people of Ladywood as a British citizen, not as a Muslim or a woman. source

Yasmin Qureshi

Focus on Bolton South East – Labour PPC

Yasmin Qureshi was born in Gujrat and moved to Britain in 1972 when she was nine. She was recently appointed the London Mayor’s Human Rights advisor. She was also Labour Party parliamentary candidate for Brent East, facing an incumbent Lib Dem MP in the 2005 General Election. In August 2007 she was selected by Labour for Bolton South East, inheriting a comfortable majority of over 10,000 votes from retiring MP Brian Iddon. Yasmin Qureshi qualified as a barrister in 1985. She has worked in the Government Legal Services and the Crown Prosecution Service. She was the Head of the Criminal Legal Section of the UN Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) and later the Director of the Department of Judicial Administration in Kosovo. She is a past President of the Pakistan Club (UK). She is the former Chair of the Human Rights and Civil Liberties Working Group of the Association of Muslim Lawyers. source


Focus on Carshalton & Wallington – Labour PPC Shafiqul Khan

Watch this space for Shafiqul Khan!

Qassim Afzal

Focus on Manchester Gorton – Lib Dem PPC Qassim Afzal

Qassim Afzal was born in Manchester. He is CEO of ABI Media Marketing Consultancy and often delivers research for government agencies. In 2005 Qassim was selected 6 weeks before the General Election in Gorton and achieved a historic 33.2% share of the vote and an 11.9% swing. He was congratulated by both the Leader and President of the Liberal Democrats. Qassim has been actively involved at the Liberal Democrat Party Conferences, researching, speaking and chairing on policy issues including: central government funding; civil liberties; equality and religious discrimination; India and Pakistan UN resolution; and anti-Iraq war consultation. Furthermore he was appointed by Shadow Education Secretary to chair the working policy group of parliamentarians and faith leaders on ‘Faith in Church of England schools’. source

Farooq Qureshi

Focus on Leyton & Wanstead – Lib Dem PPC Farooq Qureshi


“Farooq is a published writer, with his first research book on Sufism (lives and times of prominent Islamic scholars in Pakistan). Further to this he is also an avid poet.” source

Bassam Mahfouz

Focus on Ealing Central & Acton – Labour PPC Bassam Mahfouz

Councillor Bassam Mahfouz is parliamentary researcher to Karen Buck MP and Stephen Pound MP and is Ealing Labour Group’s spokesperson on transport and the environment. He will be up against Conservative GLA member Angie Bray AM and Jon Ball, a television and film executive, for the Liberal Democrats.Bassam is a well-respected Ealing councillor and if elected will be the first Arab-origin MP to take a seat in the Commons. The redrawn constituency seat has transformed a previously relatively safe Labour seat into a marginal – a swing to Tory may deny him the opportunity.He notes, “Ealing and Acton are truly great places to live – I know because I’ve lived here practically my whole life. I am ambitious for what we can achieve here, and local residents will know that with me they would get a hard-working campaigning MP who is on their side.” source

 Afzal Anwar

Focus on Pendle – Lib Dem PPC Afzal Anwar

Afzal was born in Nelson, Lancashire and after obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in Pakistan he returned to the UK and started reading law. Afzal graduated as a barrister in 2001 and following the successful completion of his one year training period he joined David Phillips and Partners as a barrister in 2002.He is a community representative to the Whitefield Regeneration Partnership and also a Governor of Ghausia Girls High School in Nelson. source

Qurban Hussain

Focus on Luton South – Lib Dem PPC Qurban Hussain

Qurban was born in Kashmir and came to live in England in 1971. He has lived in Luton since1993. After moving to Luton, Qurban joined the Trade Union Movement and served as a Secretary for Luton TUC 1994-96. He has a long history of fighting for the rights of Kashmiri people to decide about the future of their country. Qurban strongly believes in international law to resolve international issues. He campaigned against the Iraq war and joined the Liberal Democrats on the day the Iraq war began, 20th March 2003. He has since been elected as a Lib Dem councillor. As a member of the Luton Borough Council Executive, he held the portfolios of Citizenship, Community, Youth and Leisure Services as well as Equalities and Social Inclusion from 2003 to 2007. He was the Deputy Leader of the Luton Borough Council from 2005 to 2007. Currently, he is the Deputy Group Leader of the Lib Dem group on Luton Borough Council. Qurban doubled the Liberal Democrat Party vote when he stood as a Parliamentary Candidate for Luton South in 2005. source

Tariq Sadiq

Focus on South Cambridgeshire – Labour PPC Tariq Sadiq

“I was born in West Yorkshire in 1970 and I am the eldest of six sibliings. I am married and work as a College fundraiser in Cambridge. I studied History and Politics at Durham University where I was active in student politics and later read History of International Relations at the London School of Economics. I also have a professional marketing qualification and I am a member of the Unite union..In South Cambridgeshire I believe that there is a critical need to improve regional infrastructure and services to cope with the demands of a rapidly growing region. Local authorities and central government should work together to deliver the growth agenda without destroying the beauty and character of our environment. Urban centres need to co-exist with rural areas with their often-competing demands and we must ensure that regional and local government is effective and efficient in serving the people. We have to do more to meet the needs of an ageing population and ensure that our schools, hospitals and public services are properly funded and provide a world class service to all.” source

Tariq Khan

Focus on Birmingham Hodge Hill – Lib Dem PPC Tariq Khan

Tariq currently works as a Senior Medical Representative, mainly working out of Birmingham Heartlands Hospital which will be inside Hodge Hill constituency after the next election. Tariq also has a seat on Birmingham International Airport’s Board of Directors. Tariq has had a long political career, being first elected as a Councillor in May 1994. In 2001 he left the Labour party to join the Liberal Democrats and since then has fought two elections in the same seat against Labour and has won by sizable majorities. Tariq was also Birmingham Liberal Democrat Deputy Leader between May 2004 and May 2006. source, Nov 2009

Mukhtar Ali

Focus on Bradford West – Lib Dem PPC Mukhtar Ali

He has worked in public transport for 23 years and has studied Business and Finance to Btec HNC Level and BABA. He served as local councillor from 1995-2005. source

Sadiq Khan

Focus on Tooting – Standing MP Labour – Sadiq Khan

In June 2009 Sadiq became Minister of State for Transport. He was also appointed to the Privy Council and asked to attend the Cabinet. He leads on transport business in the House of Commons. His areas of responsibility include city and regional networks, including London and Crossrail, as well as environmental impact, climate change and Europe. source

Shahid Malik

Focus on Dewsbury – Standing MP Labour – Shahid Malik

In 2007 he was appointed Minister for International Development in Gordon Brown’s first government. Prior to entering Parliament he sat on Labour’s ruling National Executive Committee between 2000-2005. In 2008 Shahid Malik was promoted to serve as Minister for Justice and in March 2009 took on additional responsibility covering a protfolio at the Home Office. source

Khalid Mahmood

Focus on Birmingham Perry Barr – Standing MP Labour – Khalid Mahmood

He served as Parliamentary Private Secretary to Home Office Minister Tony McNulty from 10 November 2005 until 6 September 2006. source“A Birmingham Labour MP has demanded a rethink of selection rules which gave grass-roots members a short-list of one candidate for a council by-election.Perry Barr MP Khalid Mahmood has waded into the selection row in which his assistant, and former girlfriend, Elaina Cohen failed to make the short-list….” source

Karen HamiltonFocus on Birmingham Perry Barr – Lib Dem PPC – Karen Hamilton

Karen was born in Birmingham and has lived in North Birmingham for most of her life. She was educated locally at Brooklyn College, Great Barr and graduated from University of Central England in Birmingham. Karen is currently a Birmingham City councillor and sits on the Leisure and Education Overview and Scrutiny committees. She also works as an accountant. source

Anas Sarwar

Focus on Glasgow Central – Labour PPC Anas Sarwar

“I was born and brought up in Glasgow and have lived in the City all my life. Nothing would fill me with more pride than the opportunity to represent this great City and its people in Parliament. I promise to be a committed, hardworking and principled candidate who will earn your trust. My priorities are what matter to you. We need a strong stable economy with more and better jobs, we must continue to improve our schools and health service, to tackle crime and anti social behaviour, to provide better services for our young people, to continue to regenerate Glasgow and provide every child in Glasgow with the best start in life.” source

Osama Saeed

Focus on Glasgow Central – SNP PPC Osama Saeed

Osama has been in Glasgow all his life and has been involved in grassroots community activity since the age of twelve. He wishes to put his talents and experiences towards serving the people of Glasgow. He is an alumnus of the US State Department’s International Visitor Leadership Program, and one of the American Society for Muslim Advancement’s ‘Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow’. He is currently CEO of an NGO, and formerly worked for First Minister Alex Salmond. sourceFacebook: Elect Osama Saeed as the next MP for Glasgow Central click here