Professor Dawud Noibi

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Dawud Olatokunbo Noibi is a professor of Islamic studies, a former lecturer in Arabic Department at University of Ibadan, Nigeria. He was a Resident Consultant at Iqra Trust in London and Muslim Association of Nigeria UK; Chair and founder of Southwark Muslim Forum; Chair and founder of Council of Nigerian Muslim Organisations; Co-founder and member of Muslim Council of Britain; A Union of Muslim Organization (UMO) UK & Eire governor of National Muslim Education Council.

Prof Noibi was awarded the OBE in recognition of his services to promote understanding between different faiths in this country. A well known muslim scholar actively involved in all aspects of education of the British Muslim Community. He advised the Department of Education and Skills on the needs of Muslim children in state schools. As a consultant at iqra Trust, he organized Islamic book exhibitions and educational seminars all over the country to disseminate knowledge on Islamic education to the local education authorities and other faith communities.

He participated in UMO and MCB conferences delivering scholarly and thought provoking speeches. In his speeches, he tired to eradicate misunderstandings about Islam and convey the message of unity of the Muslim Ummah. He participated in inter-faith education programmes organized by Southward Muslim Forum and the Islamic Academy at Cambridge University.

He performs an invaluable service to the Nigerian Muslim Community as Resident Islamic Consultant at Muslim Association of Nigeria and Chair & founder of Council if Nigerian Muslim Organisations. He provides weekly lectures, sermons as Jummah and spiritual guidance including counselling in the process of community cohesion and peaceful relations.

Below are comments on Professor Noibi: Sir Iqbal Sacranie OBE commented ‘Professor Noibi had been for many years, a towering source of knowledge, inspiration and guidance in our community. He has been a pioneer and founder of Muslim chaplaincy in Her Majesty’s prisons’. Don advocates religious studies in schools, 14 May 2009.
‘A Professor of Islamic Studies, Professor Noibi, has submitted that moral decadence will not abate in the country as long as religious studies are not put on the front burner of national policies on education.

Secular education which Nigerians inherited from the colonial government has reduced piety, he said, canvassing the incorporation of religion into the General Studies curriculum of tertiary institutions.’, 28 Nov 2008 Dr Dawud Noibi, a former Islamic consultant of the London-based Iqra Trust, suggested that Muslims should be good neighbours as their belief in life after death influences their actions and behaviour in life on earth.

Professor Noibi was awarded The Editor’s Lifetime Achievement Award at The Muslim News Awards for Excellence 2014

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