Karim Sajjad

Sajjad is a solicitor by training, describing himself “a person of Pakistani origin, Muslim faith and British birth”. He was initially a Liberal Democrat MEP for the North West of England, elected in 2004, but is now a Conservative MEP. He is emerging as an outspoken parliamentarian in Strasbourg, where as member of the committee on International Trade, he has posed awkward questions to Trade Commissioner Peter Mendelson on more than one occasion.

Writing in The Guardian in October 2004, he noted “Whilst there are clearly situations where anti-Zionist expressions are presented by anti-semitic sources, it is stretching matters too far to argue that any criticism of Zionism is anti-semitic as this simply acts as an argument to try and prevent sometimes justified criticism of the Israeli government. There is no other government on the world that is provided with such cover. Those who present legitimate grievances with Israel for its flouting of UN resolutions and its violations of the most basic of human rights ought not to be classified in line with those who desecrate Jewish cemeteries in France”.
He has also declared, “Insha Allah I will use the position I am in now to campaign more actively for Islam, not just in Britain, but also in Europe by voicing the thoughts, views and opinions of my Muslim brethren”.

Sajjad was named as a rising star by The Times newspaper in its ‘Who’s Who’ 2005. He studied law at the London Guildhall University and the College of Law, Chester. He was a member (Lib Dem) of the Pendle Borough Council, Lancashire, 1994-2002.

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 Sajjad Karim on Sky News – profile of Saj, the work of an MEP and UKIP

Saj’s activities over 2 days in both UK and Brussels have been filmed by Sky News for a short profile they are running on A DAY IN THE LIFE OF AN MEP style report. This forms part of their ‘Europe Day’ broadcast, following up on their opinion poll which shows the In/Out Referendum debate neck and neck.