Mishal Husain

One of the BBC’s leading broadcast journalists, Mishal Husain was a global star even before she became a British one by joining the ‘TODAY’ programme. She was the BBC’s first Washington-based news anchor, where she presented a nightly programme from 2002 to 2003. She developed a keen following among American viewers who wanted an alternative perspective to the main domestic news network.

She is also appearing on BBC World News and BBC Weekend News. She was previously a presenter on HARDtalk and BBC Breakfast.

Mishal Husain also appeared in movies and TV shows: Children of Men, Hard Spell, Impact, 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony, and a documentary on Mahatma Gandhi.

Born in Northampton, Mishal Husain attained her education from Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge, European University Institute in Florence.

 BBC World News | New Impact with Mishal Husain


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