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European Parliament Elections & Local Elections  – Thursday 22nd May 2014

In the 2009 Election, Britain’s right-wing BNP was able to win two seats:  from the North West England constituency Mr Griffin obtained 2.47% of the votes and so scraped in within the rules of the proportional representation system, while his party colleague picked up another BNP seat in Yorkshire and Humber.

The Labour Party list includes:

East Midlands MEPGlennis WilmottNew candidates

Nicki Brooks

Khalid Hadadi

Rory Palmer

Linda Woodings

Eastern MEPRichard HowittNew candidates

Naseem Ayub

Bhavna Joshi

Alex Mayer

Paul Bishop

Sandy Martin

Chris Ostrowski

North West MEPArlene McCarthyNew candidates

Steve Carter

Kevin Doran

Theresa Griffin

Afzal Khan

Wajid Khan

Pascale Lamb

Angeliki Stogia

Julie Ward

South East New candidatesAnneliese DoddsMaggie Hughes

Karen Landles

Farah Nazeer

Emily Westley

Phil Bloomer

John Howarth

Del Singh

James Swindlehurst

James Watkins

South West New candidatesClare Moody

Ann Reeder

Jude Robinson

Junab Ali

Glyn Ford

Hadleigh Roberts

West MidlandsNew candidatesClaire Edwards

Neena Gill

Olwen Hamer

Lynda Waltho

Ansar Ali-Khan

Anthony Ethapemi

Sion Simon

Yorkshire & the Humber MEPLinda McAvanNew candidates

Richard Corbett

Daren Hughes

Asghar Khan

Helen Mirfin-Boukouris

Tracey Simpson-Lang

Eleanor Tunnicliffe

Scotland MEPsDavid MartinCatherine StihlerNew candidates

Asim Khan

Derek Munn

Katrina Murray

Kirsty O’Brien