Dr Farid Khan

Dr. Khan is a senior researcher in biomolecular interactions at the Manchester Centre for Systems Biology. His role includes measurement of enzyme kinetics and binding parameters in biochemical pathways in order to model pathways in organisms. He is an experienced bio-technologist with a PhD in protein engineering from Cambridge University, with expertise in biophysical techniques including drug discovery, biochip arrays, fluorescence detection systems, cell free synthesis, molecular interactions, assay development (GSK), molecular biology, protein stability, folding kinetics, protein structure (NMR, fluorescence and CD) and protein purification. Dr. Khan is also a lecturer in a Masters course in Biotechnology and Enterprise at the University of Manchester. He has given seminars on his work and teaches advanced protein techniques to graduates and staff. Dr. Khan is a partner in a European project dedicated to new molecular tools to analyse protein interactions of the human proteome.

He graduated from the University of Salford, from where he also obtained an MSc in Biochemical and Molecular Parasitology. After three years working in the pharmaceutical industry (GSK), he was a doctoral student at the University of Cambridge’s Centre for Protein Engineering, obtaining his PhD in 2004. He has worked as a postdoctoral researcher in the Babraham Institute, Cambridge. His specialisation is in the visualisation of proteins in cells and the design and implementation of new technologies for analysis of protein interactions and he has more than 20 research papers to his credit.
He is a former Treasurer of Biology in Business, a body that bridges academia and business in order to facilitate the transfer of people and ideas between commercial and academic life science. In so doing we hope to increase understanding of how the two can synergise to increase innovation and productivity in an increasingly important part of the UK economy. Dr. Khan is also the founder and Director of Lumophore Limited, a biotechnology consultancy company whose aim is to improve human health through the building of networks of experts and implementing innovative projects in areas of tissue engineering, molecular technologies and drug discovery.