Secrets of A Muslim WomanIERA response to the Veil Debate


In response to the media attention around the issue of the niqab or full face veil IERA launched a new project entitled ‘Secrets Of A Muslim Woman’.

The project is aimed at unveiling the question that even though Islam seems to be the least appealing way of life for women, why more and more intelligent, educated, independent British women feel that Islam shows them what it was to be true to their womanhood and are actually choosing to live as Muslims.

Secrets Newspaper


This has been accompanied by a landmark advertising campaign online and in print where a full page spread appeared in the Metro and London Evening Standard Newspapers on the week of Monday 28th October demystifying misconceptions about Islam and Muslim women in particular.



When you see a Muslim woman on the local High Street, covered from head to toe, exposing nothing but her eyes or her face and hands, what goes through your mind?

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