Makbool JavaidMakbool Javaid

Makbool is a high-profile partner of UK law firm DLA, one of London’s largest employment practices. He was formerly head of litigation at the CRE. He is considered one of the UK’s top ten solicitors and amongst Europe’s top discrimination lawyers.He has advised the Government on race relations.

He is a frequently invited speaker on religious discrimination and human rights issues, most recently at the Diversity Day conference (4 December 2003). He was a member of the expert panel at the Fourth Biennial Minority Conference 2003, speaking on ‘Strategies for success in the Bar’.

Amongst his celebrated court successes has been the case of Laurent Weinberger, a Jewish City trader ordered to wear an Adolf Hitler uniform as a ‘joke punishment’ for being late for work, for whom Javaid obtained substantial damages in July 2001. He was also solicitor in the race discrimination case of Sam Yeboah, a housing director at the London Borough of Hackney that led to a record settlement.

In 1998 objections were raised by the Jewish Board of Deputies to his appointment to the Home Secretary’s Race Relations Forum. Javaid responded by stating, “It’s rich of the Board, which is not even accepted as a representative of the Jewish Community, telling an elected government how to conduct its business and dictating which voices from other communities are acceptable” (Q-News, 01.10.98).

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