Sajid JavidSajid Javid

Sajid Javid was elected Conservative MP for Bromsgrove in the May 2010 General Election. His previous career was in Finance, having served as a VP of Chase Manhattan at the precociously young age of 24 and later at Deutsche Bank. According to a local newspaper report, “Away from business, Mr Javid is married to Laura and the couple are proud parents of four children aged between one and ten-years-old. He has family connections in the West Midlands, his brother is a senior police officer with West Midlands Police and lives just outside Bromsgrove.” His campaign website noted, “I believe in freedom for responsible individuals, guaranteed by the rule of law and administered by an independent judiciary. Over the last 13 years, many of our hard won civil liberties have been eroded. As a result, we are not any safer, just less free….I believe in fostering a strong sense on community, where decisions most directly affecting our lives are made locally and voluntarily. Our nation is no stronger than the numerous little communities of which it is composed. The state has responsibility for helping the poor and vulnerable. Labour’s policies over the last 13-years, good intentions notwithstanding, have only served to worsen the situation of those with no or low incomes. With government spending on welfare, the NHS and education at an all time high, Labour have succeeded in creating the most expensive poverty in history…”

 Sajid Javid MP, Full Parliamentary address – Manifesto 2014 launch


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