AbdulWahabDr AbdulWahab El-Affendi

AbdulWahab El-Affendi teaches at the Centre for the Study of Democracy, University of Westminster, where he is lead tutor of its MA module ‘Democracy and Islam’. He is originally from the Sudan where he trained as a pilot later entering the field of journalism and scholarship, undertaking further studies at the University of Reading. He is well-known for his book ‘Who needs an Islamic State?’ which offered a constructive critique of modern Islamic movements.

Dr El-Affendi is a member of the Consultative Council of the Arab Human Rights Organisation in the UK, and a trustee of the International Forum for Islamic Dialogue. He is also author of ‘Turabi’s Revolution: Islam and Power in Sudan’ (1991), ‘Revolution and Political Reform in Sudan’ (1995), ‘Rethinking Islam and Modernity (2001) and ‘For a State of Peace: Conflict and the Future of Democracy in Sudan’ (2002). He has contributed to many leading journals, including African Affairs, Encounter, Journal of International Affairs, Futures, Muslim World, and the International Journal of Middle Eastern Studies, and to such works as The Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy (1998), Social Science and Conflict Analysis (1993), Islam and Justice (1997), Islam and Secularism in the Middle East (2000), Islamic Thought in the Twentieth Century (2003) and Understanding Democratic Politics (2003).


AbdulWahab El-Affendi – The revolution within Islamism


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