Aamer AnwarAamer Anwar

Aamer Anwar is a solicitor with Beltrami Berlow in Glasgow. Active in student politics – he graduated from Glasgow University and holds an MA in Social Sciences – he achieved early fame for destroying the memorial erected to Rudolph Hess. In 1991 he led his first successful civil action against the police for a racist attack – in which he was the injured party.

He has experience in the field of race equality issues and Asylum and Refugee Rights both as a campaigner and lawyer. Since 1999 he has been the Spokesperson for the Chhokar Family Justice Campaign, described as the ‘Scottish Stephen Lawrence Case’. The campaign has prompted two inquiries and a review of aspects of the Scottish Criminal Justice system.

Aamer Anwar has taken a lead role in asylum advocacy and defending individuals arrested under the anti-terrorism laws, including the unsuccessful defence of Atif Siddique.

He worked to build bridges between communities in Sighthill, following the murder of Firsat Dag.

He is a committee member of the Scottish Coalition for Justice not War and member of the Stephen Lawrence Steering Committee that oversees the implementation of the recommendations of the MacPherson Report. He is Fellow of the Institute of Contemporary Scotland. He has been director of Scottish Legal Action Group and Positive Action in Housing.

Born in 1971 he is described by Glasgow media as one of the city’s eligible bachelors.

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