Muhammad AnwarProfessor Muhammad Anwar

Research Professor and Director of Centre for Research in Ethnic Relation’s PhD Programme. He was awarded an OBE in the 2007 New Year’s Honours for his service to higher education. Professor Anwar was also profiled in The Guardian on 30th January 2007, which noted: His other project is on ethnic minority participation in the general elections of 1997, 2001 and 2005. To Anwar, the two subjects are inextricably linked. “Greater participation will ultimately lead to greater integration…it’s a two-way process. The majority of the population needs to make space for Muslims to participate, while Muslims have to seize opportunities to take part and make a contribution”.

Formerly Director of CRER (1989-94) and Head of Research at the Commission for Racial Equality (1981-89). He has written extensively on ethnic and race relations and his publications include: Between Two Cultures (1976), The Myth of Return: Pakistanis in Britain (1979), Votes & Policies (1980), Ethnic Minorities & Broadcasting (1983), Race and Politics: Ethnic Minorities and the British Political System (1986), Race and Elections (1994), British Pakistanis (1996) and Between Cultures 1998. He is joint editor of Black and Ethnic Leaderships: The Cultural Dimensions of Political Action (1991) and From Legislation to Integration (1999). His research interests include: Muslims in Britain and Europe, the political participation of ethnic minorities and race relations legislation.

Source: Centre for Research in Ethnic Relation, Warwick University

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