Wahida ShaffiWahida Shaffi

Wahida Shaffi is chair of the Community Counselling Service in Bradford. She has a BA in Health and Community Studies and an MA in International Politics and Security Studies/Conflict Resolution from the University of Bradford. She is a qualified social worker and a participant in the leadership programme of the Intercultural Leadership School, Bradford.
In 2000 she spent time in Sri Lanka, researching Oxfam projects including the Kalmunai Peace Foundation. She is a speaker for the Stop the War Coalition Bradford, recently noting,”It is true to say that there are serious challenges facing the world, but it is important to recognise that what is required in these dark days is a need to hold on to the belief that ultimate success does not rest on violence and fear but collective and individual compassion,critical reflection and alternative peaceful solutions”

Wahida is the Editor of ‘Our Stories Our Lives’ the book gives a valuable insight into the lives of Muslim women in Bradford. She also co-ordinating a ten-year project to explore the views of Muslim women in the city.