Robina QureshiRobina Qureshi

Robina is director of ‘Positive Action in Housing’, a campaigning organisation based in Glasgow that works for the provision of secure, affordable and decent housing to minority communities. She has spoken out in defence of asylum seekers, who are often housed in areas that make them vulnerable to racist attacks. She has appeared before the Scottish Parliament in June 2005 to provide expert comment on the condition of asylum seekers, of whom there are 8,000 in Glasgow alone.

Robina has appeared as herself in the film ‘Gas Attack’, a portrayal of the plight of asylum seekers in which she is cast as an asylum support worker – a case of art imitating reality. In ‘Gas Attack’ – produced by Sam Kingsley and directed by Scottish director Kenneth Glanaan – an asylum centre in Glasgow’s Sighthill estate is subject to an anthrax gas attack. Robina has also appeared in ‘American Cousins’ (2003), a film about two US-Italian mafiosi finding refuge in Glasgow.

She has served on the Lawrence Steering Group, the Chhokar Family Justice Campaign and the Race Equality Advisory Forum. In 2003 she stated that the then Home Secretary Blunkett was “cynically using the issue of asylum to wind up fears about terrorism and gather support for a war on Iraq.” She has herself been subject to a racist attack in Glasgow.