Sabin Malik

Sabin Malik

Sabin Malik is a Commissioner for the Women’s National Commission. The WNC engages with over 500 women’s affiliate organisations to address issues affecting women in the United Kingdom.

Sabin is Chair of a specialist Migration and Asylum Working Group that brings together government departments, experts, academics and community groups on trafficking, citizenship & integration, immigration, the Asylum and Nationality Act, and the points-based system for managed migration.

Sabin is also a Community Cohesion Specialist with substantial community, national and international experience leading local and national initiatives focused on Community Cohesion, Equalities, Gender, Community Development and Extremism.

Sabin is the Principal Community Cohesion Officer for the London Borough of Hounslow and is currently leading on a major study on far right extremism and religious fundamentalism. Sabin has been asked to advise a number of local authorities and organisations nationwide.

Sabin was also involved in the first Peer Review of Oldham Council. The Review was to evaluate the progress of Oldham Council and key partners since the social disturbances in 2001.

Sabin is passionate about community issues and has been actively involved in voluntary work with youth and women’s organisations for 17 years. Sabin has held numerous Executive positions, and has managed national and local projects on capacity building and leadership training.