Madawi Al-RasheedDr Madawi Al-Rasheed

Dr Al-Rasheed is a Senior Lecturer in Social Anthropology in the Department of Theology & Religious Studies at King’s College London. Originally from Saudi Arabia, her first degree was in Sociology and Anthropology from Salford University. She subsequently gained a PhD in Social Anthropology at Cambridge University. She has been at King’s since 1994. Her field work has included a three year study of the Iraqi Assyrian community in London. Madawi herself is a member of the Rashidi family of the Shammar tribal confederation of northeastern Saudi Arabia. Her book ‘Politics in an Arabian Oasis’ (1991) provides an account of the Rashidis in the Nineteenth Century. Her other scholarship include the much-cited ‘A History of Saudi Arabia’ ( 2002). Most recently she has published (co-authored with Robert Vitalis) ‘Counter Narratives: History, Contemporary Society and Politics in Saudi Arabia and Yemen’ (2004) and, in 2006, Contesting the Saudi State – Islamic Voices from a New Generation’.