Shaheen Sardar Ali

Prof. Shaheen Sardar Ali

Professor Ali is a Professor of Law at the University of Warwick – the first female Pakistani to hold such a post in Britain. A gold-medalist graduate from the University of Peshawar, she was also a Reader in Law at Warwick, prior to being headhunted to serve as Minister of Health, Population, Welfare and Women’s development, in the North West Frontier province of Pakistan (1999-2002).

She is a world expert in her speciality, international law in gender equality and human rights.

Her academic qualifications include an Advance Diploma in Human Rights from the Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, University of Lund, Sweden (1993), LL.M. in International Business Law University of Hull, England. (1991) – passed with Distinction – and a PhD in International Law of Human Rights University of Hull, England (1998).

She has been consultant for the British Council, The World Bank, ILO, NORAD and Radda Barnen (Save the Children, Sweden) and is a member of the British Council Task Force on Gender and Development.

After obtaining a BA from the University of Peshawar, she proceeded to study for her LLB and an MA in Political Science at the same insitution. Her connection with the UK commenced in 1993, when acting as coordinator of an academic collaboration between the Law School of the University of Hull and the Faculty of Law, University of Peshawar on Gender, Law and Development.

Her books include ‘Gender and Human Rights in Islam and International Law. Equal before Allah, Unequal before Man’ (2000) and she is currently working on ‘Indigenising Development Processes: Some experiences from the North West Frontier of Pakistan’.

Professor Ali was born in 1955 and has three children. She is fluent in Urdu, Pashtu and Punjabi, can read and write Arabic and has a working knowledge of Persian.