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Fri 24 November 2017

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Links for Islamic Websites

Name Islamic Xstitch
Description Islamic Calligraphy cross stitch designs

Name Bring Back Justice
Description Challenging articles proving the existence of our Creator . Muslims and Non-Muslims are welcome to send in comments/questions . Members receive information weekly on updates once they join our mailing list. We welcome everyone to join in and send in your favourite articles and links so that we can share knowledge and form a stronger Ummah .

Name The Canadian Muslim: Learn to wear hijab! Worldwide Shipping!
Description The best comprehensive guide with pictures on method of wearing hijab. Practice & Shop! Live customer service, serving muslimahs worldwide.

Name Islamic / Muslim Business Directory
Description A comprehensive Islamic / Muslim Business Directory. Provides Muslim businesses with a platform to advertise their products and services and at the same time Muslim consumers can search for the business they are looking for worldwide.

Name We Need to Unite
Description Articles and resources for the Ummah...wallpapers, nasheeds, calligraphy and lots more!

Description Quraan, lectures, debates and a whole host of other high quality digital audio available in mp3 for users to download or listen to streaming whilst online

Name Muslimah Connection
Description Muslimah Connection is an online community and resource center for Muslim Women

Name Haksoz News- Islamic Awakening
Description Islamic Awakening, Camaladdin Afghani, Global Intifadah, Headscarf Struggle, Turkish Opposition, Islam in Turkey

Name Muslimah Connection
Description Muslimah Connection connects Muslim Women all around the world. We discuss, we share, we learn, we trade, insha\'Allaah! Free business listings for Muslim Women available.

Description Al Muhsinin newsletter and mainilg list, events calender and forum

Name World of Islam on Internet
Description This is basicaly a web directory where thousands islamic sites and also some useful things in urdu and english like nehj-ul-balagah and more

Name Free Online Eid Greeting Cards From
Description Eid is the time to greet every body. Here are some specially carfted greetings cards and ecards specailly made for you. Send them to your friends and loved ones..FREE !!

Name Universal Truth

Name Guide to Islam
Description What to do and learn before and after embracing Islam

Name Islaam
Description This Website is dedicated Insha\'Allaah (God willing) to Propagate, Defend, Promote and Publicise the True Islaam, It is for Those Individuals who share a common goal of serving the cause of Islaam by Protecting and Correcting the Misconceptions about Islaam and Refuting the lies and Distortions of enemies within and outside Islaam, This site is Aider of the Sunnah and a thorn in the throats of the Heretical Partisans, Islaam forbids from all kinds of hizbiyyah (party spirit) and ta\'assub (blind attachment). We oppose the stubborn adherence or blind following of madhhabs and prejudiced loyalties to parties, as this joining together is often in opposition to the Qur\'aan and Sunnah. We regard unity as being a good thing, and we don\'t call to splitting away into groups and sects, each happy with what they call to. This is because unity can only be upon the truth (i.e. strictly adhering to the Qur\'aan and Authentic Sunnah), not based upon Whims and Desires. So any Muslim is invitedto View.

Name planetaislam > islam muslims in poland
Description islam and muslims in poland. information in polish and english

Name Alshatri Quran
Description Listen to the Holy Book recited by sheikh AbuBaker Alshatri

Name Islam On Line
Description This site aims to present a unified and lively Islam

Name Talk Islam
Description of Islamic Websites

Name Islamic Resources
Description Various resources linked to Islam

Name Everything about Islam & Muslims
Description A comprehensive website on Islam

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