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Wed 17 January 2018

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Links for Islamic Links - United Kingdom

Name Tayba Ltd
Description Discounted prices on Islamic Books, CDs and Cassettes, VHS and DVDs, Childrens Games and other Islamic Goods.

Description Learn Arabic and Islam using a classic methodology under traditionally-trained western-born scholars.

Name Ashrafi Board
Description A great Ahl as-Sunnah resource combined within Messageboard and Forums, includes many articles, poems, stories as well as current affairs.

Name Isis
Description Great site for all your shopping needs!

Name Faizan e Islam (UK)
Description We are an educational and Da\'wa organisation aiming to create awareness in the UK

Name The World of Islam on Internet
Description This is a islamic web direcotry there are thousands shia/sunni websites and much mre...

Name Ashrafi
Description Shaykh-ul Islam is Janasheen-e-Hujoor of Muhaddith-e-Azam-e-Hind and from the family of Sayyad Makhdoom Ashraf Jahangir Semnani of Kicchcocha Sharif.Silsila-e-Qaderia/Chistia-e-Ashrafia This website is dedicated to the Quran and Sunnah of the Beloved Last Prophet (Salla Allahu Alayhi wa Sallam)of God and promotes the true teachings of the biggest group of Muslims in the Universe; the Ahl-as Sunnah w\'al Jama\'ah

Description A UK based Islamic Website which is created by the Muslim Youth, it has everything that an Islamic website would need, Visit us to day to find out.

Name Muslim Sisters
Description This group is for all those sisters who wish to learn more about our religion, clearing doubts, exchanging ideas and perceptions. This group is for for WOMEN ONLY and it follows the basic of Ahl As Sunnah wa Al Jama\', the main body of the islamic community, according to the teaching of the Sahabah. Non muslim interested in Islam are also welcome

Name Islamic Invitation Centre
Description Invitation centre to Islam with a large collection of audio talks. Contains the biggest available audio material for Gary Miller and Ahmad Deedat.Also has the most comprehensive FAQ on Islam on the net. And the biggest collection of female speakers, mostly converts.

Name Muslim Religion Questions and Answers
Description 1000s of Authoritative answers to questions about the Muslim religion are now available to read online, to download instantly as ebooks or to purchase as paperback books.

Name Utrujj
Description An innovative Islamic education service dedicated to delveiring modular courses on authentic Islamic sciences in a flexible and creative way. Courses delveired on weekday evenings in central London, weekend courses in various cities in the UK, monthly in Leeds. Fiqh consultancy and tailored courses available.

Name Advanced Muslim Matrimonials by
Description Online Islamic marriage and family magazine, with articles, advice, wedding

Name Parvez-Video
Description Parvez-video website providing information about Islam, Religions, Quran. Resource of Islam Audio Video lectures, Books.

Name Muslim Professionals
Description Works with the Muslims of UK and of the wider world, from all communities.

Name Feyz
Description An informative web site of MAHDI FEYZ is in Farsi and English that contains some of the classical poems by this contemporary philosopher, scientist, and educator. It deals with everyday life, using reason to cut through the ironies and fallacies of our time in explaining God, Man, and Creation. An eye-opener and educational material for people of all ages.

Name Sultan Islamic Links
Description Selected Islamic links for all !

Name world of islam on internet
Description islamic sites muslim sites shia sites world of islam on internet

Name Hani AbdulHussain Network of Information
Description Including an islamic site , site aboute Bahrain and site aboute Palestine

Name Qadri Masjid
Description This site containthe information related to the Ulama of Qadri Masjid and many other links...

Name Free Greetings from
Description Send Free Online Greetings worldwide from to your dearones

Name Memorisation of the Quran
Description The official site for Shaykha Hudhayfi\'s Memorisation of the Quran.

Name 1924
Description Informing The Muslim Community In Britain

Name uk islamic mission
Description islam

Name An Invitation to True Islam
Description About islam and muslims is dedicated to bring to light the truth about islam. It aims to set out the misconceptions, provide the correct beliefs and practices of islam and serve as reference point for anyone interested in islaam inshaallah

Name Supporters of Shariah
Description An informative Islamic web site, aimed at educating Muslims. The website strives to present Islam according to the prophetic methodology and stay free from all forms of innovation and corruption. Excellent weekly khutba\'s and Islamic audio and books available. Includes lectures by Shiekh Abu Hamza.

Name Islam
Description It provides information about islam

Name Useful downloads
Description Many useful downloads of quranic surahs and salaat programs including child names etc

Name God is Great
Description We need to question what we are being taught by Imams and scholars, and identify truth from falsehood for ourselves.

Name Pesantren Virtual
Description Pondok Pesantren era Digital

Name Answering Falsehood
Description Refuting the False Ideologies and establishing the Truth

Name al-atfaal
Description magazine for young muslims and books & cassettes plus islamic merchandise catalogueavailable contact us

Name Firman Allah: The True Word of God
Description In the Name of Allah, The Gracious, The Merciful...This site is strictly for Muslims who want to learn more about the Prophets. Many Islamic cultural links are included as well.

Name UK Islamic Mission (UKIM)
Description The UK Islamic Mission was established in August 1962, on the initiative of a small group of Muslims who felt the need for a British-based organisation which would convey the true spirit of Islam to the Western world. The ukim web portal aims is to bring you current affairs and topics relevant to Muslims in the UK. You can contribute, browse or get to know about the activities of the UK Islamic Mission

Name Muslim Directory
Description Directory is the largest circulating muslim publication in the UK

Name The Young Muslims UK Net
Description A full fetured Islamic site

Name World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY)

Name Federation Of Students\' Islamic Societies in the UK and Eire

Name Islamic Unity Society

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