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Fri 15 December 2017


The Gift of Ginger - Part 1







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Author's Comment

Date: 18 March 08
Name: Javed A. Khan

I have received a few personal emails saying that the contents and the style of the article is very good but, the tone is politically incorrect and may be upsetting for some and, I should have soften it up a little bit. And, I have also received a couple of emails appreciating for what I have said, and did not hesitate in calling a spade, a spade. I want people write or express their views here on the blog rather than writing me personal emails. I have left my personal email for those who wish to contact me and ask for something more. It would be more fun to have comments on the blog and responses from the bloggers.

I agree that it is politically incorrect to be blunt and thats because I am not a diplomat. I am also willing to admit that I cannot be a master of something which is not my specialty or my forte. For example, I know how to make good South Indian vegetarian cuisine like, all kinds of Dosas, Uthapa, Upma, Idli, Vada, Sambar, Rasam, Basundi etc. But, I would never claim that my food would be as good and as original and authentic like that of South Indian Chefs. It is the finesse and the delicacies that I was talking about and not how to cook. Anyone can cook, even Yan can cook.

To the solo comment so far which is from Awas, I must say that its nice of you to take out some time to comment about your experiences on this blog. And thank you for bringing up the subject of curry. In the next thread I will write more about the misconceptions and the origins of \"curry.\" And yes, eating Biryani with a little bit of simple raita is definitely a very good idea and it is always served with raita. Authentic Lamb Biryani and good Yakhni Pulao are parallel to each other and must not be compared with each other.

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