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Mon 11 December 2017

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Ruqaiyyah Waris Maqsood - Latest List of Publications

'Examining Religions: Islam' - Ruqaiyyah Waris Maqsood, Heinemann Ltd.
(ISBN: 0 435 30319 8. 160pp). If you are asked if you require the Foundation or the Core edition of this book, ask for the CORE edition.
An introduction to Islam, presenting the life of the Prophet, the articles of belief, the five pillars of Islam, festivals, the mosque, etc. Text in 76 units plus suggestions for folder work, discussion etc. Many colour photos. Widely used by GCSE students and new Muslims. Recommended by all GCSE boards. (Also the set book for those doing the Do-it-Yourself course in GCSE Islam for Edexcel - see next).

'GCSE Islam - The Do-It-Yourself Guide' - IPCI, 434 Coventry Rd, Birmingham B10 OUG. ( (ISBN: 1 902480 05 8. 316pp)
A student workbook specifically designed to accompany 'Examining Religions: Islam' (Heinemann). It is specifically based on the Edexcel syllabus for full GCSE in Islam, but could equally well be used by students using other syllabi. It enables any interested person, of any age, sex or background, to study the GCSE for himself or herself, bearing in mind that most school situations have neither the staff nor the timetable available to give students the opportunity to study for this exam. It is ideal for madrassah schools, students studying at home or in small groups, prisoners, new converts, etc etc. No age limit. Includes 76 worksheets to accompany the 76 units in the Heinemann book, information and guidance on what to do and how to enter for the exam, the tafsir on set passages, high-flier files on difficult subjects such as the 'problems' of evil, creation and freewill, and social topics such as abortion, euthanasia, drugs etc. It also includes a section of specimen exam papers for practice.

'Islam: a Dictionary ' - Stanley Thornes Ltd.
(ISBN: 0 7487 2560 1. 84pp).
Intended for young scholars, especially those doing GCSE. Includes over 400 definitions of key words, phrases and technical terms, with some line illustrations. (Now out of print with Thornes but about to be republished by IPCI).

'Teach Yourself: Islam' - Hodder and Stoughton.
(ISBN: 0 340 85968-7. 264pp. £8.99).
The well-known TY series. An introduction to Islam in simple terms, widely used by students, police, local officers, probation officers, etc. (A new edition forthcoming in 2006).

'What Every Christian Should Know About Islam' - Islamic Foundation, Ratby Lane, Markfield, Leics LE67 9SY. 154pp. £3.95.)
(ISBN 0 86037 375 4)
A text covering all the theological points concerning the relationship of Christianity to Islam; also covers all the commonly asked questions about the beliefs and practice of Islam, and the most frequent criticisms of Islam. A very useful dawah text, especially for Christians showing any interest in Islam. Very useful for such as welfare workers, police, community workers etc. Has been presented to Prime Minister Tony Blair and every member of Parliament, Prince Charles, the Archbishop of Canterbury, etc

'Mysteries of Jesus' (A Muslim examination of the origins of the Christian Church). Sakina Books, Oxford. 304pp + 8pp colour plates.
Hard-cover £24.95, ISBN 0 9538056 6 2. Paperback £12.95, ISBN 0 9538056 7 0.
Available from Central Books, 99 Wallace Rd, London E9 5LN. Tel: 0208 986 4854.
A text re-examining the origins of the Christian Church. Thoughts and theories about the early texts, 'heresies', prophecies, the Shroud of Turin and other relics, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the gospels not in the New Testament. Was Jesus the same person as the Prophet 'Isa? Was there more than one Jesus? Why do Muslims believe Jesus did not die on the cross? Are the theories that Jesus survived his burial realistic? Should all Christians really be Muslims?

'The Muslim Marriage Guide' - Quilliam Press Ltd.
(ISBN: 1 872038 11 5. 141pp £5.95).
Advice for those contemplating marriage, or for those whose marriages are stale or struggling. Includes some frank advice. A less explicit version has been published by Goodword Books, New Delhi, available from IPCI, 481,Coventry Rd, Birmingham, B10 OJS.

'Thinking About God' - Islamic Book Services, (also available in UK from al-Furqan, 90b Hanley Rd, London, NA 3DW).
(ISBN: 0 89259 147 1. 140pp. £6.50).
An introduction to the general philosophy of religion, written from the Muslim point of view. It covers such issues as classical arguments for the existence of God, creation, freewill v. determinism, the origin and problem of evil, life after death, etc. Useful for those studying 'A' level Philosophy of Religion.

'Sacred Texts: The Qur'an' - Heinemann Ltd.
(ISBN: 0 435 30352 X. £4.50).
A GCSE textbook presenting the Qur'an and its major topics and issues. This exists both as paperback (which has suggestions for work-to-do), and as hardback library edition with no set work for students but extra Islamic sayings (hadiths). Illustrated in colour.

'Let's Find Out About - Islamic Mosques' - Raintree Books, Harcourt Educational Ltd, 2005.
(ISBN: 1 844 21142 8).
The series looks at places of worship around the world. For young readers. Illustrated in colour. What is a mosque? Who works in a mosque? What is the most important mosque in the world? And many other sections.

The Beloved Prophet - Able Publishing, 13, Station Rd, Knebworth, Herts, SG3 6AP. (Tel: 01438 812320 (ISBN: 0 907616 49 6). 60pp. £7.50).
A book for children, or beginners studying the life of our dear Prophet. It has text, many photographs, plus suggestions for work-to-do. Available from Able Publishing or from Sr. Ruqaiyyah herself.
Another version of this book, published by Goodword Books in different format with different pictures will also be available later 1999.

Studies in Islam: Parts One and Two - UK Islamic Mission, 202, North Gower St, London, NW1 2LY.
(ISBN: Part One - 0 9514697 X; Part Two - 0 9515469 53. £3.50 each)
The UKIM course on Islam written especially for madrassah schools. It not only gives information about Islam, but also teaches wudu, tayammum, performance and words of salah, many du'as, and surat 104-114. The hope is that Muslim children will complete both parts by the time they are twelve. (It may then be followed by the Do-it-Yourself Workbook for GCSE Islam (see next), if the madrassah wishes its students to pick up a state GCSE as well as their own Islamic certificates at the mosque).

'Moral Issues in Six Religions' - Heinemann Ltd.
(ISBN 0 435 30299 X. 242pp. £8.99).
A text for students written by six authors, on six major world religions including Islam. Deals with all topical moral issues through the eyes of adherents of the six different faiths. The section on Islam was written by Ruqaiyyah, but published in her 'old' name of Rosalyn Kendrick.

'A Story at 'Id' - Heinemann Ltd.
(ISBN: paperback pack of four - 0 435 01069 7;
hardback (library edition) - 0 431 07755 X).
A 'reader' for 5-7 year-olds. Sold as paperback pack of four, or set of 12 titles including this Islamic one. It explains 'Id al-Adha, and the story of Ibrahim and Ismail.

'The Sign of the Gnat' - Adam Publishers, Delhi.
ISBN - 81 7435 181 7).
Email: A study of the existence of God through Design, and His intended signs. The Sign of the Gnat indicates resurrection in a completely different body form.

'The Problem of Evil' - Adam Publishers, Delhi. (ISBN - 81 7435 175 2). Email: A study in theodicy - the philosophical problems caused by the existence of suffering and evil in a world created by an All-Powerful, All-Knowing and Compassionate God.

'The Separated Ones: Jesus, the Pharisees and Islam' - SCM Press.
(ISBN: 0 334 02498 6. 194pp. Was £9.95, now available reduced from the author).
A study on the origin, nature and religion of the Pharisees, and their relationship to Jesus and later Islam; the concept of those whose lives were 'submitted to God'. (Now only available from Sr.Ruqaiyyah).

'Petra: A Traveller's Guide' - Garnet Press Ltd.
(ISBN: paperback 1 85964 072 9. 188pp. £9.95.
hardback 1 873938 12 8. 188pp. £14.95).
A tourist guide to the 'lost city' of Petra. Includes material on the history of the site, Biblical theories, introduction to the faith of Islam, the Qur'an, the life of the Prophet and the Islamic way of life, notes on the 'Ad and Thamud, as well as detailed walking tours and excursions, and information about travel and where to stay, what to take, etc.

'A Basic Dictionary of Islam' - Goodword Books, New Delhi; also available from IPCI.
(ISBN: 81 85063 30 3. 240pp. Price around £7.50)
A comprehensive compendium of Islamic terms, words and phrases, presented concisely and clearly for the student of Islam and the general reader.

'Living Islam' - Goodword Books, New Delhi; also available from IPCI, UK.
(ISBN: 81 85063 27 3. 312pp. Price around £8.)
The biggest challenge for a Muslim is not so much the prayers and fasting, but in living the values of Islam in every aspect of everyday life. This book offers advice and encouragement to all practising Muslims, plus a very valuable resource of many Qur'anic ayat and relevant hadiths to back up all the topics raised.

'The Muslim Prayer Encyclopaedia' - Goodword Books, New Delhi; also available from IPCI, UK.
(ISBN: 81 85063 29 X. 328pp. Price around £9.50)
A reference work presenting all the teachings on prayer as set forth in the hadith collections of Bukhari, Muslim and Abu Dawud, with commentary.

'For Heaven's Sake' - Ta-Ha Publications Ltd.
(ISBN: 1 897940 17 3. 118pp. £2.75).
Advice for Muslim teenagers struggling in today's western world. How to cope and survive parents, school, the home, at play etc.

'Muslim Teenagers Coping' - Ta-Ha Publications. New edition of the previous book.
(ISBN: 1-842000-48-9. 85pp. £2.95).

'Living With Teenagers' - Ta-Ha Publications Ltd.
(ISBN: 1 897 940 28 9. 143pp. £3.50).
A companion volume to the above. Advice for those who have to live and cope with teenagers (including the teenagers themselves!). Good tips on assertiveness training for parents, and realistic aims and expectations. Although written for harassed parents, it is quite an eye-opener for teenagers to read and gain insight.

'After Death, Life' - Goodword Books,New Delhi; also available from IPCI.
(ISBN: 81 85063 34 6. 240pp. Price around £6).
Advice to those suffering bereavement, or perhaps facing death - either their own or that of a loved one. There are sections dealing with specific types of death. including suicide, abortion, cot-death, accident and murder. Islamic teachings and personal thoughts about death-bed experiences and the Life to Come. The Islamic way of preparation for burial is also included.

'The Beautiful Commands of Allah' - Goodword Books, New Delhi; also available IPCI.
(ISBN: 81 85063 38 9. 92pp. Price around £5).
The first book in a series of important collections. An anthology collection of the direct commands of Allah to all those who seek Him, in good modern English translation and style. Some photographic illustrations of natural beauty. Makes a good gift.

'The Beautiful Promises of Allah' - Goodword Books, New Delhi; also available IPCI.
(ISBN: 81 85063 24 0. 200pp. Price around £6).
A companion volume to the former text. A collection of the direct promises of Allah to all those who seek Him. Many beautiful photographs.

'Aishah' - A study of her age at the time of her marriage - Islamic Vision, IPCI.
(ISBN: Not available. 24pp. Price £1).

In the pipe-line:

'The Beautiful Angels of Allah' - Goodword Books, New Delhi. Due out later.

'The Beautiful Compassion of Allah' - Goodword Books, New Delhi. In progress - as part of the series.

('The Beautiful Message of Allah to Jews and Christians' - Goodword Books, New Delhi. In progress - as part of the series.)

'The Muslim Travel Diary' - Goodword Books, New Delhi. Due out later. 'A Qur'an for Little Hearts' - Goodword Books, New Delhi. Due out later.An anthology of key passages from the Qur'an, specifically selected to give the message to youngsters. Illustrated. A good gift for a child.

'Prayers of a Muslim' - Goodword Press. Due out later. The author has chosen key texts from the Qur'an, and added a thought-provoking series of prayer-meditations of hope and encouragement based on the theme of the text. Illustrated with photographs

The Beloved Prophet - Goodword Books, New Delhi. Due out later. A book for children, or beginners studying the life of our dear Prophet. It has text, plus suggestions for work-to-do.
Another version of this book, privately published in A4 size, is also be available from Sr. Ruqaiyyah.

'I Love Allah' - Goodword Books. Due out later. A book especially for our youngsters. Illustrated. 'I love Allah because………'

'I Love Allah's Angels' - Goodword Books. Due out later.

'I am Allah's Friend' - Goodword Books.

'Wit and Wisdom' - Goodword Books. A 'grown-up' book. Some food for thought, and some thoughts to make you laugh. An anthology of wise and pithy sayings to blow the mind and cheer the Muslim day. (Fans of A.S.K.Joommal's publication al-Balagh (South Africa) will enjoy this).

'The Blessed Prophet of Islam - His Life and Loved Ones' - An unusual 'life' of the Prophet, in that it is written by a woman who has made a specialisation of genealogical study, and has presented family link-ups and the 'female' side of the story, usually not given in books on the Prophet. Much original research, using such texts as the major hadith collections, Ibn Hisham, Ibn Sa'd, Tha'alabi, etc. A very valuable contribution to knowledge about the Prophet's life, family and companions. Around 400pp.

Ruqaiyyah Waris Maqsood Email:

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