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Wed 13 December 2017

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M. A. Sherif is a minor biographer, even minor essayist and editor of this website.


Brave Hearts - Pickthall and Philby, Two English Muslims in a Changing World

Why an Islamic State - the Life Projects of Two Great European Muslim

Circumstance, inner light and human agency – reflections on the life and times of Allama Yusuf Ali, 1872-1953

The 'India House' Circle of 1909 and its modern resonances


The Entanglements of Power

Jan-Peter Hartung on Abul A'la Mawdudi's thought

New Light on Abdullah Yusuf Ali - Tim Crook's biography of Alexander Wilson

Rich histories of Muslims in Britain - Shrabani Basu on Victoria's Munshi and Ron Geaves' biography of Quilliam

'The Bosniak' by Adil Zulfikarpasic

'Stakeknife - Britain's Secret Agent in Ireland' by Martin Ingram,Greg Harkin

Will courage prevail? An essay on Jonathan Sacks - review of 'The Dignity of Difference' and 'The Politics of Hope'

'Unfinest Hour - Britain and the destruction of Bosnia' by Brendan Simms

'Islam in Britain - 1558 - 1685' by Nabil Matar

'Why the West has won: Carnage and Culture from Salamis to Vietnam' by Victor Davis Hanson

'Madina to Jerusalem - Encounters with the Byzantine Empire' by Ismail Adam Patel

'Contesting the Saudi State - Islamic Voices from a New Generation' by Madawi Al-Rasheed

'God's Funeral' by A N Wilson

'Devotional Islam & Politics in British India - Ahmed Riza Khan and his Movement 1870 - 1920' by Usha Sanyal

'Arthur Koestler - The Homeless Mind' by David Cesarani

'Late Victorian Holocausts' by Mike Davis

'World on Fire' by Amy Chua

'The Trial of Henry Kissinger' by Christopher Hitchens

'The New Islamic Dynasties - a chronological and genealogical manual' by Clifford Edmund Bosworth

Power to the People - An Independent Inquiry into Britain's Democracy

'The Balkans 1804-1999' by Misha Glenny

Untying the Knot by Sonia Nurin Shah-Kazemi

The Holocaust Industry. Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering by Norman G. Finkelstein

Ink and Spirit. Literature and Spirituality by Ronald Blythe, Penelope Lively, Richard Marsh, David Scott and A.N. Wilson

Pondering over the Qur'an by Amin Ahsan Islahi, translated by M S Kayani

Islam in the Digital Age by Gary Bunt

Islamic Codicology Ed. Mohamed Isa Waley


Searching for Solace - A biography of Abdullah Yusuf Ali - Interpreter of the Qur'an

Database Projects - a framework for effective management

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