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Fri 15 December 2017

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Islamic Cultural Centre, London - Archive

The Regent's Lodge Period

Regents Lodge, 148 Park Road near Regent’s Park, London, was a stately home belonging to Lady Ribblesdale that was purchased by a Central Mosque Committee with financial support from the British Government and officially opened by King George VI in November 1944. Based on a design by the architect Sir Frederick Gibberd, the new building was completed in 1977.

Director Generals
1944-1949 ?
1949-1954 Dr Ali Abdel Kader
1954-1967 ?
1968-1972 The Raja of Mahmudabad
1972-1977 Dr Gheyoushi (acting)
1978-1988 Dr Zaki Badawi
1988-1996 Dr. Ali Bin Maghram Al-Ghamdi
1996-2000 Dr Hamad Al-Majed
2000-to date - Dr Ahmad Al-Dubyan

Lecture delivered by Dr Ali Abdel Kader, 'The Conception of God in Islam' (not dated) - pdf file, 11MB

Lecture delivered by His Excellency Mr Mohammed Kabir Ludin, The Afghan Ambassador, 3rd September 1960, 'The Life of The Prophet Muhammad' - pdf file 21MB

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