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Biographical Data :

Name :Aga Khan III
Period :1877 - 1957
Biographical detail : The 48th imam of the Ismaili community.

The 48th hereditary imam or spiritual leader of the Ismaili community, Prince Aga Khan III or Sir Sultan Muhammad Shah contributed to the field of education, culture, social and economic life of the people of Pakistan and in particular for his own community all over the world.

His activities as one of the leading players in the Indian sub-continentís politics during the crucial years of Muslim awakening were extraordinary.

In his 18th year of his life his visit to England and his meeting there with important personalities opened new horizons for him that stimulated his keen interest in world politics and diplomacy.

Aga Khanís financial support for Aligarh Muslim University was phenomenal. He became the first president of All India Muslim League, in 1906, and dedicated his life towards the betterment of Muslim community. In the same year he led the historic Simla Deputation to the then Viceroy of India Lord Minto, and presented to him a Memorandum, which demanded separate electorate and safeguard of Indian Muslimís rights.

After the end of the First World War, when Turkey emerged from it beaten and threatened with extinction, the Aga Khan, along with other Indian Muslims leaders used his influence to save it from an ugly fate. He was nominated, in 1924, for the Nobel Peace Prize for his effort to maintain peace between Turkey and the Western powers after the peace agreement.

Being a staunch supporter of British rule in India, yet Sir Aga Khan held an all India Muslim conference, in 1928, in Delhi to formulate Muslim views on the way in which Indian independence should evolve. He participated in all three related Round Table Conference in London, 1930-32, as chairman of the Muslim delegation.

When Pakistan came into being, in 1947, Sir Aga Khan played an active role in resolving many initial difficulties arising out of the partition of India and Pakistan.

Lived to celebrate the silver, golden, diamond and Platinum jubilee of his imamate, Sir Aga Khan was measured with silver, gold and precious jewel, on all four occasions. He appointed a committee to devise the best means of utilising the wealth for general welfare of the people.

Sultan Muhammad Shah was born in Karachi. He started his childhood conscious of his responsibilities when at the tender age of eight the imamate was passed on to him when his father, Shah Aly Shah, passed away in 1885. He died in Switzerland and was buried in Egypt.

Aga Khan, in 1908, married a European ballerina. They had one son Aly Khan. After her death he married another European and the son from the second marriage was Sadrruddin.

Before Aga Khan died he nominated Ali Khan's son Prince Karim a successor.
 (Compiler : M. Nauman Khan / Ghulam Mohiuddin)

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