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Abdul Rahman Arif 
Asgharali M M Jaffer

  • Ibn Khalikan's Wafayat al-A'yan wa Anba' Abna' al-Zaman
    Translated and edited by M. de Slane/Moinul Haq
    New Delhi, Kitab Bhavan: 1996.

  • The Encyclopaedia of Islam
    1st edition, ed. M. Th. Houston, T.W. Arnold, R. Basset, and R. Hartmann, 4 vols.
    Leiden: E.J. Brill and London: Luzac, 1913-1934

  • Oriental Biographical Dictionary
    Thomas Beale, 1894

  • Impact International, London

  • The Guardian, London

  • The Independent, London

  • The Financial Times, London

  • Time Magazine

  • Forbes Magazine

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