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Fri 24 November 2017

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Position of Muslims in Lebanon



Confidential report paints picture of discrimination... comments "(grievances) might develop into something serious."

Confidential report by Wadih Malouf prepared at the request of Foreign Office:

Muslims heavily discriminated against despite the fact that they are the majority community (500,000).
They were forced to register by 'sect' - Sunni Shia, as part of the 'divide and rule' policy, in the process the Christians were able to emerge as the 'largest community'

Christian government pursuing anti-Muslim policies - ex-President Bachara el-Khoury failed to secure support from 'Moslem circles' and they 'refused to work with him in government' - one reason for his consequent resignation. Present President Chamoun has had the 'same complaints (anti-Muslim policies) against him.

Booklet titled 'Moslems in Lebanon' details these anti-Muslim polices, which include discrimination in the following areas: education, employment opportunities, property laws and refusal to carry out a census (which would reveal that the Muslims are actually in the majority and thus boost their political representation)

Comments from minute's section (signatures unclear): 'All the grievances exist and might develop into something serious',
'The report does not give too gloomy a picture, but a correct one.'

PRO File: FO 1018 93  

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