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Tim Winter at Turath Publisher's book launch!

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Interpal: the conscientious charity
Alex Delmar-Morgan and Peter Oborne in the Telegraph: Today is a difficult time for a Muslim charity in Britain. For all your hard work, you risk being reviled, smeared and branded a terrorist organisation. The Palestinian Relief and Development Fund, known as Interpal, is one such charity. Interpal provides humanitarian aid, education, health and community development in Gaza, the West Bank, Jordan and Lebanon. It celebrates its 20th anniversary today.

...Interpal’s work in the Middle East is hugely challenging, but it is made harder by the restrictions placed on it. Britain likes to promote fairness and tolerance, but those are two words that aren’t applicable to Interpal’s experience over the last two decades in the UK. If Interpal or any of its staff are guilty of a crime, it should face justice, if not it should be left unhindered to continue its vital work “If there’s been illegal activity then by all means stop it, but don’t drive people down who are trying to do good work,” says Mr Hewitt. Happy birthday Interpal! And keep up your fine humanitarian work.

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