Tue 24 October 2017

Twins from London. (Aged 24)

We were blessed to have the opportunity to fulfil Hajj a few years ago(1998), and would like to provide an insight to our experience and some advice to those embarking on this overwhelming event which those who are able must carry out once in their lifetime.

"We recommend to those going on Hajj to read up about the significance and importance of carrying out the pilgrimage and look into the different places which must be visited in order to complete Hajj. This will enable the pilgrim to have a certain awareness and understanding of what Hajj entails and will give them the strength to carry it out with the utmost sincerity. The mindset of a someone preparing for Hajj is very important, and what helped me was to try and keep an open mind ready for any circumstance, as when carrying out Hajj due to the vast amount of people of all different backgrounds it is vital to have an open mind, flexibility, patience and considerate. To make du'a for it to be easier and to purify ones intentions is also important. Also, one should prepare oneself for the impact of the crowds and magnificence of the Holy cities and sites. "

One important thing to always say to oneself is that: Ultimately I am there to fulfil my obligation and Allah (swt) will help me. "

Once the intention of Hajj has been made, it is important to have all the accommodation arrangements and travel arrangements confirmed before leaving. Nowadays there are excellent Hajj and Umrah organisations which will arrange all this for you. You will be placed part of a group and the head of the group will ensure your Hajj is carried out with ease insha Allah. When in Saudi, I found that the government also does an excellent job to organise the pilgrims, and Alhamdulillah most will find travelling between places will all be sorted out with ease with the group you go out with. Most people go to Holy City of Medina first and then Makkah to start the Hajj. There are buses, and flights that can take you from Jeddah to Medina. Medina is a welcoming and warm place. People are friendly and all types of foods are easily accessible. Once in Makkah, and beginning the Hajj, the pilgrim will have to go between places i.e. Mina, Muzdalifah, Arafat. In Mina and Arafat, tents, which are brilliantly cooled, are provided for the pilgrims and there is food available and distributed throughout the time there. There are toilets and shower facilities, and of course because of the amount of people their may often be a queue, but that is to be expected. Also at Mina there is a Doctor's surgery available and even a temporary fire station in case of any problems. Alhamdulillah nowadays we are very fortunate in the facilities which have been provided when carrying out Hajj.

The weather will of course be hot, but night times are very pleasant and since the tents are air cooled, the weather should not be too much of a problem. The crowds can be quite overwhelming at times, therefore I recommend that stay with the group you are travelling in and arrange to meet at a landmark at each location in case someone gets separated

Hajj is physically tiring, but once completed, there is a feeling of satisfaction, contentment and motivation to strive harder in your everyday life to please Allah (swt). It is a chance to reflect, refocus, ask for forgiveness and make du'a as much as possible with no distractions. It fills you with humility and feeling of community as you perform this act of worship with millions of other pilgrims all there for the sole purpose of worship.

We pray that everyone's Hajj is accepted and May Allah (swt) shower His mercy upon us all. Ameen.

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