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Sat 18 November 2017

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The Charity Commission for England & Wales

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Name Mr Y Chowdhury

Administration Dept
2 Digswell St
N7 8JX

Telephone 0207 700 7565
Fax ---------
Governing Document Trust deed dated 18th February 1992
Objects   (1) The furtherance of the religion of Islam (11) the promotion of the teaching of the religion of Islam according to the Qu'ran and the doctrines on which it rests and the observances that serve to promote and manifest it (111)the promotion of the teachings of the Sunnah (way) of the prophet Muhammad-peace be upon him - according to the hadith as contained in the Sahih al-Burkhari and Sahih Muslim and all other authentic (Sihah) Hadith (1v)the furtherance of education and (v)the promotion of scientific or medical research for the increase of human knowledge and the alleviation of poverty
Area of Benefit ----------
Area of Operation Charity Operates inside and outside England and Wales
Registration History  27 Feb 1992 Registered
Registered Number 1008803
Financial History
Financial Year Start Financial Year End Gross Income Total Expenditure
06 Apr 1998
05 Apr 1999
06 Apr 1999
05 Apr 2000
Website -----------
E-mail ----------

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