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Thu 14 December 2017

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The Charity Commission for England & Wales

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The Muslim Families (UK) Charitable Trust

N5 2HD
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Governing Document TRUST DEED DATED 27TH APRIL 1984
Objects   To make donations to or assist Muslim charities and the charitable objectives of Muslim voluntary organisations for the specific purpose of fulfilling soming or all of the following objects- (a) the establishment of projects for the relief and elf are of families in distress; (b) the establishment of family welfare and community centres and the organisation of community gatherings and social and cultural festivities;(c) the training and education of youths and adults, the organisation of seminars and leisure and recreational occupations and other similar activities with the object of improving their conditions of life; (d) making arrangements for the proper are of orphans;(e) the establishment of homes for the elderly, battered wives and homeless persons, and nurseries; (f) to advance the Islamic religion by arranging the performance of Muslim rites; (g) to provide free legal advice and assistance to those members of the Muslim community who are in necessitous circumstances.
Area of Benefit ----------
Area of Operation Charity Operates throughout England and Wales
Registration History  13 Jun 1984 Registered
Registered Number 289592
Financial History
Financial Year Start Financial Year End Gross Income Total Expenditure
01 Apr 1996
31 Mar 1997
01 Apr 1997
31 Mar 1998
01 Apr 1998
31 Mar 1999
01 Apr 1999
31 Mar 2000
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