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Mon 11 December 2017

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HRF Offices in Mozambique and Azerbaijan

It has become the responsibility of the international community to mobilize efforts and resources to alleviate the suffering of all the people in the world. Some have risen to the challenge, created a presence, and made a real difference in the world. Such is the case of the Human Relief Foundation, founded in 1991, as an effort to alleviate the suffering of the men, women and children of Iraq.

Since its conception, the Human Relief Foundation (HRF) has had a presence in over 40 countries through setting up a series of projects. Projects have ranged from providing relief to life-threatening events, giving small loans to establish small to medium-sized business, establishing schools, and launching social welfare campaigns.

The HRF is currently establishing new offices in Mozambique and Azerbaijan. Although proposals are still being considered, the nature of the projects will focus on three main areas; development, welfare, and education. Development work will entail establishing the right infrastructure, welfare will distribute first aid kits, and education will involve sponsoring and establishing schools.

The HRF will foster alliances with local agencies in order to achieve its objective. Such an alliance will create jobs within the economy, and help local people ‘do for themselves.’

“We can not do justice to the suffering of today’s world, as words fail to express the true pain they are experiencing. Each person should look within himself or herself, to see how he or she can help. People should also appeal to their governments to provide relief to those parts of the world that are experiencing hardship and sufferings,” says Mr. Mobeen Azhar at the HRF. Funding for the HRF is obtained by voluntary donations from offices and campaigns all over the world. If you would like to help, please do not hesitate to make a generous donation, by simply sending a check payable to ‘Human Relief Foundation’ and send it to:

HRF, FREEPOST BD 3125, P.O Box 194, Bradford, BD7 1YW. UK. You can also contact them at: 08700 117 112, or send an email to




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